1. HuunoHunter


    We were all born to die, yet we are dying to live. The greatest inevitable stage of your life is death, it's every man/woman's closing chapter to their lives. Are you prepared today if death came upon you? Would you have regrets or would you be ready to face the agony of death? Make your choice...
  2. U

    This is the age when you start to loose friends

    I would say probably a bit younger as some people you're in contact with merely out of convenience (same classes). I have a few people that I'm in contact with regularly/semi-regularly, some people I meet 1/2x per year. This is the age when you start to loose friends
  3. dr.leorio

    When it comes to lending money to friends...

    how long do ya'll usually wait until you ask for you lacag back? And if they don't have it or give you an excuse, how long do you wait until you ask again? I find it somewhat awkward to be having to ask for my money back, I'm thinking they should respect the trust and give it back...
  4. rabshole

    Sincere advice thread

    This thread is dedicated to giving small pieces of advice to your fellow Somalispotters I will start myself. Bismillah here goes. Never EVER lay down on your bed an hour after maghrib if you havent prayed isha already :francis: Post below some lessons you learned the hard way and have now...
  5. Y

    A quiet observation

    I was sitting at a coffee shop just waiting for my order while on my phone, I noticed across me was a couple they were young probably middle 20s, university maybe, she looked delicate and gorgeous she had super soft eyes she reminded me of keira knightley, and he was above average maybe a little...