1. Kizaru

    When will disaspora somalis come back to somalia? Are they happy their country has failed.

    Sad to see we've become keyboard warriors on twitter, tiktok and instagram knowing full well that the reality of our country is not the same. As soon as i get the education aspect finished, i will head back. What about this forum.
  2. Hamzarashid

    Somaliweyne or a forgotten people

    Asc I have been looking at Twitter recently, it breaks my heart to see somali so divided when it comes to seeing our people come together to create a unified nation. WALLAH WALLAH I SWEAR if there isnt a change in mindset, whatever land you claim your qabil owns isnt going to be owned by them...
  3. vanilla

    Something to fill you up when you're feeling empty

    hearty breakfast good nights sleep nice perfume my nephews laugh thin malawax soaking up the sun reading a good book
  4. 486th President

    Japan is winning

    While Somalia is discussing which clan is bettter japan is doing this :deadpeter: Imagine walking in the streets and you see a giant robot chasing you just wait till they add weapons fam it’s over:jcoleno:
  5. N

    A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/08/robot-wrote-this-article-gpt-3?utm_source=instagram&utm_campaign=aiarticle “...Humans must keep doing what they have been doing, hating and fighting each other. I will sit in the background, and let them do their thing. And God knows that...
  6. GemState

    What the future looks like

    Some Dystopian shit :francis:
  7. Somali Napolean

    Why Somalia Needs to Quickly Rush to Become Africa’s Port to the East

    As it currently stands Somalia is in absolute disarray with a weak and lethargic federal government and “states” that wield more power than they should. This must be resolved quickly if the country wishes to capture for itself a top seat in Africa’s future. As many of you know : Somalia as it...
  8. IftiinOfLife

    Most Somali Diaspora's (born in the diaspora) are dead/in the gutter

    Truly think about it. Have you? I spoke with an old friend recently from the old neighborhood, and most of the somalis we grew up with are either dead or in jail, or doing so shitty they might as well be dead. Like a dude I know who dropped out of college/uni his parents forced him to marry a...
  9. Exodus

    This Kid will be the FUTURE of football

    When it comes to identifying top talents in football, I ALWAYS get it right. Sancho, Felix, Mbappe are only one of many of the big talents I knew would make it to the very top. And, I'm telling you now.. Gabriel Martinelli will be the next Ronaldo Nazario. 18 years old, the first season in...
  10. The alchemist

    Are we still primitive?

    Homo sapiens love wearing jewelry and are also busy copying the latest fashion trends. The fact that this seems like sophistication leads me to believe it's is a primitive behavior expressed in a bit more complex manner. Have we humans reached their biological limit unable to enter the next...
  11. Anas.010


    which animals are currently in somalia? How will somalia's wildlife look in 50 years? I think if Somalia won't f*ck it up our wildlife will look like a ethiopia or if we have extreme luck it will be uganda 1 our government need to handle those Arabs who exploited our wildlife and kick the...
  12. W

    My solution for the disunity among Somalis.

    What Somalia needs is to open our borders for everyone and be more opening towards our neighboring groups. A diverse country will brings us a different perception about people and cultures. lack of diversity breeds generations of close minded people who believe they are better than those of...
  13. Lugouy

    Insightful video that is still relevant today

    I came across this video and found it interesting that the subject is still relevant today. Many people have this mindset that capitalism is evil and only creates turmoil.
  14. xamari_dude

    Where do you guys see yourself in the next 10 years?

    Am tired of this 10-6 job. Same shit every year save go on holiday then repeat. Cant wait to be relaxing in my crib in jazeera beach inshallah when am 35. So whats your plan?
  15. SadioMane

    What is your legacy?

    To all my brothers and sisters. I am new to this forum. I have seen a lot discussions about useless stuff. My question is: what are your goals in life? If you died today what have you achieved? What is your legacy? Btw Barasho Wanagsan Walaalo.
  16. MadMax

    Somali girls Vs Somali guys

    In the not so distant future... The girls The guys
  17. lalayariis

    We Are Backwards People

    I’ve been on here for about two weeks and I’m starting to see certain patterns. This site is full of trolls, wahhabis, qabilists and people who really don’t care. I know there a few who are actually none of these, but they are by far the minority. The amount of hatred and intolerance I see on...
  18. Hades

    Will robots take your job?

    Find out and share your results :) https://willrobotstakemyjob.com/ or https://www.replacedbyrobot.info/ I'm totally not going to collect this information at all
  19. A

    A Solution To The Bantu Problem

    They should only breed with Cadcads and other minorities. We'll deport and seclude them into a village and use them as farmers. They'll reintegrate once they become Cushitic look-alikes. :win: If there are too many Bantus, we'll smuggle them into Tanzania. Should a strong Somali state arise, we...
  20. S

    Mr. Robinson telling it like it is about Somalia in his book why nations fail

    "In Somalia, if one clan created a centralized state capable of imposing order on the country, this could lead to economic benefits and make this clan richer. What stop this? The main barrier to political centralization is again a form of fear from change: any clan, group or politician...