1. EritreanPost_

    The independence referendum which paved way for Eritreas independence took place from 22-25 of april 1993

    The independence referendum was held in Eritrea from 23 to 25 April 1993. More than 99% of Eritrea voted for independence. After the Eritreans faced 30 years of brutal war by Ethiopia, which the Eritreans won, the independence referendum paved the way for Eritreas independence.
  2. Thegoodshepherd

    Somali Region is pushing back against Afar invasion

    Already Ina Cagjar is trying to sabotage the Liyu Police and is working on pulling them out of the territory they pushed the Canfar out of. A dog of a man.
  3. S

    GENETICS Nearly 100 ydna samples from ethiopia

    So there's a dna scientist his name is Abu saleh who works for yseq , he recently went to ethiopia and collected bout 100 ydna samples from different tribes there for research and he is tweeting bout it.
  4. Thegoodshepherd

    Federalism is likely finished if Ethiopia recognizes Somaliland

    If Ethiopia recognizes Somaliland, imo <10% chance of this happening, federalism is finished. Recognition of Somaliland by Ethiopia, followed by the creation of an Ethiopian navy stationed on the Gulf of Aden, would transform federalism into a suicide pact. The only option at that point would be...
  5. Kizaru

    Am i the only guy who feels sorry for the folks in tigray.

    Videos re surfaced and it shows kids and women being killed along with other disgusting actions. Ethiopians as a whole can be barbarians and no different to al kebab. Sometimes they make al kebab look like saints.
  6. Hamzarashid

    The British/Italian should've given haile selassie all of somalia

    I know coming from a person whose family has been destroyed by Amhara nationalists/ Tigrayan nationalists, you wouldn't think I would be saying this, but I solely believe all the problems Somalis are facing right now would've vanished. I say this to say that I wouldn't wish any harm done to my...
  7. Shk_ljh”630

    Oromo bops, viva la oromia

    Some Oromo songs that my dad (my clan and oromos have ties ig lol) used to play around the house. Beautiful music tbh As for the anti oromo agenda that’s spread on here, yall don’t understand the first thing about Oromo culture but it’s fine tho, down down Ethiopia, DOWN DOWN...
  8. Marshall D Abdi

    10 Strongest Warrior Tribes in Africa

  9. Sheikh Kulkuli

    UPDATE Civil war enters second year in Ethiopia

    Stay tuned. This time war is inevitable I guess Amhara hawks yearning for Tigray blood have conviced Abye to match to Makelle. Most of the Ethiopian military have started to vacate the DDS on their way to Tigray border. I do beleve this war will not happen buy Abye is trying to instil fear...
  10. Risotto

    Ethiopia's Abiy hails 'historic' start of disputed dam filling
  11. NoSafety

    Mr. Cheese got HUMILIATED in Eritrea

    They put the Eri and Ethio president's pics on the same level but Mr. Cheese's one was put lower :ftw9nwa: What a cucked nation :yloezpe:
  12. tyrannicalmanager

    I'TS HAPPENING:Ruling Coalition Merges Into Single Party tplf warned such merger...
  13. Waaqo of Punt

    EVIL xabashi ex-dictator gets heavy KARBASH and ROASTED by cadaan interviewer

    @xabashi @Emily That was a prison interrogation not an interview. His evils have been exposed
  14. CaliTedesse

    Modern Habesha men are very feminine

    They also have this goat face. It's hard to explain. With their dirty hairstyles greasy oily look. Dark cave eyes like Satan and miniature size body. One thing I do respect about them is most of the new refugees they tend to work, but they are smelly and their women don't want them ad the ones...
  15. CaliTedesse

    Tomb of Malik Ambar

    for his story 1:26 for tomb 4:47
  16. The alchemist

    Some raw meat love❤

    Let's have a good productive week Y'all. Here is a good video to start off the week.
  17. Bilal410


    Nothing can stand up against people power. Ethiopian soldiers and their darod lackies have been driven out of the city and the city is in the hands of its people.
  18. N

    Free movement in Somalia

    Does anyone know if this ridiculous plan is still going ahead? Mixed messages from both Foreign Affairs Minister and Immigration Department backing/rejecting. What's going to happen?
  19. Rise

    Oromos wish to capture Puntland

    Oromos are walking, driving or being smuggled into Puntland. They already have neighbourhoods in Garowe and Bosaso, the locals claim they use sixir and strange business tactics to expand their reach. "Some" Oromos claim they are in Puntland to migrate to the Middle-East, whereas others boldly...