1. Bringer of Wisdom

    UK Somali's soo gala

    Question, has Brexit affected you in any way up to now? E.g. job opportunities, business loss and holidays. And do you think the UK was better off in the EU?
  2. CaliTedesse

    Why are the Somali communities booming in Canada and USA

    I mean they have many shops and malls and businesses etc. Yet those UK rats have lived there for a century and are still at phase 1, the start almost nothing has changed for these bimbos, of course you have some exceptions. I blame the welfare.
  3. CanIDimo

    video: UK knife fight in McDonalds

  4. CanIDimo

    Cadaan backs deported xaarmar thug from London

    Look at this cadaan man playing hero for a somali thug was deported after doing time for supplying class A drugs, The idiot from xamar came to the uk at age 6 with the sky's being the limit, instead of taking advantage of this one in a lifetime opportunity given to him by the noble white man, he...
  5. CanIDimo

    This guy needs to be stopped- geeljire delusionary

    This guy is touring the mosques in Londonistan holding lengthy lecturers about how he was once a top selling artists who had a charting album :gucciwhat:and that he gave up his multi million dollar lucrative career in the music industry for THE SEEK OF ALLAH. MASHALLAH it's something to...
  6. B

    UK Bruddas come in

    Its that time again Stocking up on winter clothes like

    GCSE book pulled after stereotyping Caribbean dads as 'largely absent'

    So this was on the news today guys. Amusing but kinda annoyed at the social media uproar. A publisher has said it will stop selling a GCSE textbook after it was found to contain stereotypes about Caribbean families. AQA GCSE (9-1) Sociology says Caribbean men are "largely absent" from family...
  8. WarsameXamse

    Imagine a 10 mins Somalia to America/Europe flight. globalization

    imagine living in the west and going to Somalia on the weekend or your days off from work or school like it's nothing:mjlaugh: NOW THAT IS A FUTURE I WOULD LOVE FOR OUR PEOPLE. the flight prices are said to become as cheap as a 10 mins uber ride when this idea comes to fruition globalization...
  9. A


    A lot of you might not know what fire in the booth is but now you will know. For those who know, your top 3 FITB.
  10. Cumar

    British white people set to become a minority in Birmingham by 2021, says report

  11. S

    Don't hold your phone out in London

    People really out here snatching phones :russ:
  12. HennyLand

    Brainwashed Somali guy tries to convince people he is black in London