1. M

    My Ancient Ancestral DNA

  2. Reformed J

    GENETICS How accurate is this Elmenteitan reconstruction?

    The artist has been making reconstructions for a couple years now. I don't sense any bias or racism in his other works. Still, why does this South Cushite from the Kenyan rift valley look like an Abdalla??:faysalwtf: Compared to modern people, they're supposed to be most closest to Somalis...
  3. Hazy24

    Rendille or Reer diide

  4. M

    What is this thing Oromo priests have on their foreheads?

    If there's any Oromo members on here, what is this thing that your priests have on their foreheads? It reminds me of the blocks Jews wear on the forehead.
  5. M

    GENETICS T-Y45591 migration into the Horn of Africa

    The most popular hypothesis is that it arrived via South Arabians due to proximity and archeological findings in Somaliland showing the remains of South Semitic peoples. However, I think maybe the progenitor of the T-haplogroup Somalis might've come from North Arabian speaking populations: 1)...
  6. Prince Abubu

    HISTORY Sada Mire's Book 'Divine Fertility' has been published

    Divine Fertility: The Continuity in Transformation of an Ideology of Sacred Kinship in Northeast Africa (UCL Institute of Archaeology Publications) This book uniquely explores the impact of indigenous ideology and thought on everyday life in Northeast Africa. Furthermore, in highlighting the...
  7. Prince Abubu

    Should the name ''Cushitic'' be changed?

    "Cushi" in Hebrew is a racist term for black Africans. It's also very stupid since there was no record of a biblical figure named "Cush" ever existing, why should we be named after this random Bible character? "Erythra" means red in Greek, after the Red Sea. This is the likely location of...
  8. CaliTedesse

    Memnon the great Cushitic warrior

    In Greek mythology, Memnon was an Ethiopian king and son of Thithonus and Eos. As a warrior he was considered to be almost Achilles' equal in skill. During the Trojan War, he brought an army to Troy's defense and killed Antilochus during a fierce battle. The death of Memnon echoes that of...
  9. CaliTedesse

    Walle Gabon has been moving while

    East Africa has been sleeping Even 10 years ago Gabon looked better than Somalia Gabon today Anyone here every visited Gabon?
  10. Guts

    Cushitic People Unity Event In Jigjiga!

    Feels great that the cushitic people in ethiopia are uniting to stop the xabashi cunts :banderas:This was about time to establish BAH WEYNTA KUSHITIC :ahh: What do you guys think is this a win for cushite kingdom or a loss?
  11. CaliTedesse

    Are Habesha cushitic?

    I've recently seen many people claim that. In the past they were branded as Semitic, but since that is a language group and with the release of more genetic information and knowledge pertaining to their DNA I see them getting branded as Semitic speaking Cushites? Can someone explain this?
  12. Nilotufian

    GENETICS Hmm the new 23andme Update

    It says that the phrase "dhakan celis" (sp) is arabic?o_O I'm suddenly .2 Sudanese out of nowhere :ohhh::ohreally::ohreally: I guess I got that Nile Valley royalty in my DNA :diddyass:
  13. Nilotufian

    Who made this map I wanna talk

    >Afaria >Djibouti Might as well complete Greater Somalia and throw Mombasa in there too :denzelnigga: Also @Beja is everything good at home? :susp:
  14. Prince Abubu

    Should Afro-Asiatic be disbanded?

    I find the languages so disparate that they no longer bear any relationship with one another. Compare Somali and Hebrew, for instance. They share no grammatical or etymological link whatsoever. Indonesian and Tagalog or Spanish and Hindi have more connection. Even if AA is a legitimate grouping...
  15. M

    Hamitic Cooperation

    as a Somali I believe the Hamitic people from Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia should start our own race. We are sick of tired of being labeled black and never get the representation we deserve. For example everybody in the black panther movie was Madow. They wouldn’t dare put...
  16. Prince Abubu

    Sardinians - Oldest European

    Am I right in thinking that Sardinians are the closest non-africans population to Cushites? They seem to be made up almost exclusively, of neolithic near-eastern farmers. Somalis have about 30-45% neolithic Middle-eastern DNA.:hmm:
  17. Prince Abubu

    Cushitic name change

    The name Cushitic is offensive as it is a racial slur in af-yahuudi. I propose the language group changes it's name to Erythrean or Puntic.
  18. Prince Abubu

    Lowland East Cushites in Kenya

    Just some interesting pics of Borana and Rendille (note: not Southern Cushites as they have already been absorbed by Bantu/nilotic populations) going through the process of nilotification. Some interesting phenotypes ranging from Somali looking to Lupita Nyong'o. Interestingly, it seems the...
  19. Prince Abubu

    Is The 'Cushitic Fish Taboo' Responsible For Somalia's Poor Fishing Industry?

    Cushitic Fish Taboo :ohhh:
  20. Prince Abubu

    The Only Solution to Somalia

    Eugenics and genetic engineering. Family planning - no family will be allowed to have more than to kids, no matter the sex. So if you wanted two sons or a girl and a boy, but you have two girls- tough. Selective breeding - only intelligent, non-tribal, high IQ individuals will be allowed to...