Lowland East Cushites in Kenya

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Just some interesting pics of Borana and Rendille (note: not Southern Cushites as they have already been absorbed by Bantu/nilotic populations) going through the process of nilotification. Some interesting phenotypes ranging from Somali looking to Lupita Nyong'o. Interestingly, it seems the Borana have kept their identity and phenotype better than Rendille.


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Ironically, Rendille speak a Somalic language, but Borana look closer to the Somali phenotype.
Rendille are Nilotic-Cushitic hybrids who speak a Cushitic language. It's classified as Eastern Cushitic.

Borana are very close to the Somalis in beauty :nvjpqts:
Rendille, Gabbra and Garre once settled in the vicinity of Southern Ethiopia with the Borana . The Borana became powerful after the fall of the Muslim States and thus gave an ultimatum to the Rendille , Gabbra and Garre to accept the Borana religion .Gabbra allegedly accepted the terms of surrender ; The Rendille and Garre are said to have embarked on an epic human migration to modern day Northern-Kenya .

Remnants of Garre or people who claim Garre origin can be found in clans in the Bajuni, Gabbra and I believe there are some Rendille clans like the Odolla who claims ancient Somali decent . I believe some Garre are also found in the Rahanweyn confederacy (?).

The Rendille were pure cushites when they left Southern Ethiopia but have now mixed with the Nilotic groups like the Turkana .
Borana are oromos and they originally came from northern kenya before they expanded into habesha and somali territory some 300 - 400 years ago
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