1. Arkan

    HISTORY History of Amoud University

    Amoud University: The Rebirth of a Public Spirit Amoud University: Investing in Community Institutions
  2. angelplan

    Syrian refugees in Borama Awdal

  3. HMuuse

    Another Somali promoted to minister of Ethiopia

    from deputy Minister to Minister of Health , Ethiopia. We welcome our sister to the Ministry of Health of the Federal Government of Ethiopia. Wasiirka Caafimaadka Dawlad Federaalka Ethiopia oo loo magacaabey Dr. Saxarla oo ka soo jeeda beesha Samaroon waxay hore u ahayd Wasiir Kuxigenka...
  4. waraabe

    SOMALILAND Road infrastructure

    Hargeisa would be transformed if the local government made pavements wallahi. Add some plants and boom you have a beautiful city. Less then $5m would be suited for the whole city
  5. Kezira

    Nice new school built in Gobka, Gabiley

    By the Bahabar Cabdalla community
  6. Kezira

    Secessionists Jeegaan will never reach aqoonsi

  7. Kezira

    Big Win: African Development Bank visits Awdal

    For the Lawyacado Borama Jigjiga road.
  8. Kezira

    Borama and Dilla massacre February 4, 1991

    Never forgotten and will be remembered every year
  9. CaliTedesse

    NEW Ethiopian representative to Somaliland, Shamsudin Rooble.

    Ethiopia chooses Shamsudin Rooble from the noble Harawo people as representative to Somaliland
  10. CaliTedesse

    The great country Ethiopia ready to invest in Zeila(Saylac) Port, Awdal

    Previously it was known that Ethiopia wanted to build a military base in Zeila, Awdal. Now they want to build the port. Ethiopia is way ahead of all the countries in the horn. With this brilliant idea Zeila will again emerge as the brilliant port linking Ethiopia to the sea as it has been for...
  11. O

    Royal Foam Factory - Borama

    Mashallah #MadeinBorama
  12. MariaMaria

    What kind of business would you open in S/SL?

    Going to the homeland and opening a business is every somalis dream.:salute: I would open a cinema/arcade in Borama, it wouldn't be that difficult to set up, only play PG 12 and bollywood movies so the sheikh in the town don't shut me down. Also, it would be good for broadcasting football...
  13. Mohsin

    Waddani candidate cirro fight back in Borama -kulmiye fake news

    Abdirahman cirro speaks black history of warmonger Muse Bixi , Burco massacre ,"Muse Bixi killed 2000 Garxajis young men in Burco 1994" ANOO WAX DILIKARA DUCO QAADAN MAAYO MARKUU YIRI EE UU MAXAABIISTII GARXAJIS KU LAAYAY BURCO
  14. Xooshdheere

    Massive protests erupt in City of Borama

  15. Madaxkuti

    Vlog's and pics of my trip to SL Hargeisa-Borama-Burco-Berbera and the tuulos in between

    I'll be posting pretty much most of my trip here starting tonight with a little trailer showcasing what's to come
  16. Simodi

    Star Transportation Coming Soon!

  17. Simodi

    Fortress city Borama - most beautiful Somali city

    Look at this beauty :lawd::jcoleno: it's been too long borama I hope I will see you soon:rejoice: