1. Manafesto

    TRIGGER WARNING Ethiopia Owned Media are now claiming Somaliland's Berbera as an Ethiopian Port town!!!

    Some of you might think this was a mistake by the news anchors but it is intentional, this seems like it was well planned and the message was carefully executed. With in the last few years the Aidstopians didn't fail to show their ambitions to annex the tiny traingle and the barren region...
  2. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS US Airforce Plane Lands in Berbera Video footage Important to note it is the United States that constructed that long 4km runway extension in Berbera in the 80s
  3. Helios

    SOMALILAND Latest From Berbera Port Expansion

  4. Helios

    HISTORY The Historic Caravan Route from Zeila & Berbera to Harar

    This is from The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society: JRGS, Volume 10 written 1841 Many of the names are very familiar, Errer (Hargeisa), Abarro (Abarso), Arabseia (Arabsiyo), Wuch'ali (Wajaale), etc. The route to Zeila was the shorter of the two ports and for those who don't know, Harar...
  5. OffTheDome

    Random Somaliland political discussions

    Taiwan will start offering scholarships to Somaliland college and university graduates next year, it has been announced. Somaliland's ministry of education and science through its Director-General Ahmed Muse Murud said scholarships will commence next year and applications can be submitted from...
  6. Manafesto

    NEWS Somaliland latest developments

    This is really embarrassing and I honestly feel bad for S1ilaaanyo, why did even go to this conference if he knew he will be treated like this. :ohlord:
  7. Helios

    HISTORY Historic Photos from the Paulitschke Expedition

    Phillipe Paulitschke was a French explorer who visited the Waqooyi and continued to Harar in the 1880s. Here's the link Zeylac An Cisse Dir Geeljire at a well The Emir of Harar Abdallah Ibn Ali Abdishakur Harari citizen Zeyla looking towards the northern coast Cisse Ugaas Rooble...
  8. Passenger

    NEWS Trafigura wins Ethiopia's contract for Fuel imports selects Berbera Port

    Singapore’s Trifigura Scores Nation’s Petroleum Deal Trafigura Pte, a Singaporean multinational commodity trader, won the bid to supply 1.4 million tonnes of petroleum with an estimated value of 22 billion Br for the coming year. Trafigura was selected by the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply...
  9. Kezira

    The people of Berbera (Region of Somaliland) completely humiliated by Arab businessman

    I thought the people of Berbera and Hargeisa were Arab too why are they frustrated bloody hell.
  10. Neron

    Berbera being robbed of natural resources

    This is why it is important to educate our people so they don’t need others to bring out the wealth they already own be it agriculture, fisheries, oil or minerals. Lack of education is causing us to be robbed blind by opportunists (politicians included)
  11. macaan

    Gulf of Berbera

    The modern-day Gulf of Aden used to be called the Gulf of Berbera, according to a medieval Arabic source titled, Taqwīm al-buldān, published in the 14th century. Abū al-Fidā, who originally authored this work, was one of most renowned geographers of his day. He was an Arab/Kurdish historian and...
  12. macaan

    Extent of Berbera & Bulhar’s trade

    “Nearly all trade for Ogadayn [region] goes from Bulhar; but we found on the Webbe that we had, as it were, reached the point at which merchants from Berbera and Bulhar meet those from Merka and Mogadaxo (Madisha)” “The Kingdom of Shoa seems to be the western trade boundary of the Berbera...
  13. Lordilord

    Biggest L' Somalia could've given to Somaliland...

    DP World investment boosts Somaliland's push for sovereignty Somalia should've just brushed the DP World Berbera deal aside and say that their "federal" states sometimes enter into deal with bigger companies and then point to Puntland where their port is managed by P&O Ports. By doing this at...
  14. Crow

    DPWorld wants to "delay" construction of Berbera port projects in favour of Eritrea :ohdamn: How could anyone ever trust a nose like that...
  15. 2

    Ethiopia to take stake in Port of Djibouti, its trade gateway -state media

    May 1 (Reuters) - Ethiopia will take a stake in the Port of Djibouti, its main gateway for trade, under a deal reached between the two countries, state media outlets said on Tuesday. Djibouti had been seeking investors for its port since it terminated Dubai's state-owned DP World's concession...
  16. Futurist

    Republic of Somaliland was never colonised

    To say that Somaliland was a colony is offensive. As far as Somaliland is concerned, it's not historically accurate. Somalia Italiana was a full blown colony with upto 60,000 white Italians settlers. Somaliland was not a colony, it was only a protectorate of Great Britain, with whom it had...
  17. DRACO

    Berbera corridor begins

    Officials from #Somaliland Ports Authority, Customs, @DP_World Berbera & Somaliland Chamber of Commerce visit the border town of Togwajale today in preparation for Transit Cargoes to #Ethiopia
  18. Shadow

    Ethiopian community in Hargeisa giving their opinions on the DP world deal.

  19. DRACO

    Qatar puppet Fraudmajo behind berbera sabotage attempt '

    Qatar ordered Farmajo who knew he could do nothing to stop the berbera deal to anyway try and sabotage the deal. Farmajo humiliated himself for his master and funded qatar. Muse Bihi directly says he has intelligence that directly shows qatar behind sabotage attempt . Little terrorist state...
  20. DRACO

    Gulf news -DP world cucks shocked Fraudmajo!

    COMPANIESDP World stresses commitment to Somaliland DP World chair says company to continue investing in Africa despite disputes Sarah Diaa, Staff Reporter 13:46 March 15, 2018 DUBAI: The head of DP World stressed on Thursday the company’s commitment to its investments in Somaliland, two days...