1. Manafesto

    UPDATE The federal government of Somalia has opposed a proposal by the African Union report to reduce the number of African Union troops in the country

    The federal government of Somalia and its mandate-less Banadir warlord Farmaajo has opposed a proposal by the African Union report to reduce the number of African Union troops in the country, terming the recommendations as “devoid of realities. Ex-cabbie Farmaajo hails from a minority and...
  2. Manafesto

    NEWS Kenya says its troops will not leave Somalia anytime soon and SNA is not capable of taking over the security of the capital city yet alone the south

    The Kenya government has affirmed not to withdraw its defense forces from Somalia until the security conditions improve. Somalia had previously said that its national troops can successfully take over the security of the country without foreign troops from the next year but so far SNA is an...
  3. Enlightenednomad

    NEWS Somalia Federal States Football Cup: Official Thread

    The last group stage match ended in a draw between PL & SWS ended in a draw which means Jubaland is eliminated. Galmudug scored a later winner against Hirshabelle leaving the latter at the bottom of the group. It'll be Puntland vs Galmudug - Southwest State vs Banadir in semis for...
  4. Karim

    Heavy gunfire between Galmudug forces and Ahlu Sunna militias in Dhuusomareeb

  5. Golden

    Burundi military opposes Somali withdrawal plan
  6. SLMan990

    Amisom bouta turn off the taps on Som Gov

    For decades the amisom Madow have taken good care of the darods. Many of the darod have grown fat off the amisom support but all thats gonna come to an end. Amisom approved plans to withdraw completely by 2021 and leaving the darod totally on they own. Amisom even indirectly says in the HOL...
  7. N

    Hundreds of Ethiopian troopers to enter Somalia

    After 30 got killed by Al Shabaab. Expect more "revenge" killings targeting innocent Somali civilians.
  8. DRACO

    Shocking! Amisom stormed into FGS parliament. .

    Amisom protectorate of a. :faysalwtf::farmajoyaab::mjlol::mjlol: @Lordilord @Buskud @waraabe @Local
  9. DRACO

    No Amisom in Galmudug

    I noticed in a thread Some puntlanders Keep spreading #FakeNews believing in the notion that they a superior from all other Somalis regions . Certain puntlanders claimed that they are the only Amisom free region of Somalia&a claimed that Amisom operates in Galmudug but that is absolutely False...
  10. Cabdi

    A Somali interpreter gave the OK for Amisom soldiers to have their way with Somali women
  11. Xooshdheere

    AMISOM Bantus making up Lies about Somali culture

    This documentary was played on Swedish television, it's about AMISOM soldiers in Somalia. Doc is from 2010. The text says Somalis have their own culture. For example of a girl is 20 years old and unmarried. Her brother will try her first.... He will sleep with her and they'll have...
  12. Xooshdheere

    Neighbouring countries are depended on Somalia

    even Kenya benefits from Somalia's conflict everyone benefits from Somalia, and want it to remain in conflict.
  13. ArchBishopofAtheism

    Anyone lose relatives in Mogadishu attack?

    I just learned that people on both my mom's side and dad's side were killed in that attack on Saturday. I didnt know them and they are not immediate family. This thing reached a lot of people and I'm wondering if anyone on here lost anyone. Share your stories. By the way, do we even know who did...
  14. Prince Abubu

    Southerners, what do you think?

    What would you say to a UN-funded Somali-only AMISOM army comprising of States like Somaliland and Djibouti to takeover and fight alshabab in the South?
  15. O

    Reer UK PSA: Anti-Amisom demonstration & petition

    I got no affiliation with the organisers nor can I attend at the stated date/time but I thought this would be a worthy cause to share at sspot. Also please sign the petition (link at bottom) DATE AND TIME Thu 11 May 2017 09:00 – 16:00 BST LOCATION Lancaster House Stable Yard, St James London...
  16. abdale

    Same shit every time

    Every time the media shows Al-shabab why does it have to be the same picture since 2010 and i am like only 30 of Somali united soldiers could defeat them unlike Umisom having thousands greedy soldiers with equipments all i think is some gay party going on or they are fighting with ghosts
  17. bored

    Who Killed Captain Alex: Uganda's First Action Movie

    I wish some of the UPDF in Somalia made a Wakaliwood film. Who Killed Captain Alex 2: Mogadishu Mystery