al shabaab

  1. Odkac WRLD

    FAKE NEWS AlShabaab have taken several towns in Somaliland

    Thoughts? :cosbyhmm:
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Dozens dead in Central Somalia as villagers battle al-Shabab

    “We have reports that nearly 30 people, including 16 militants, [have been] killed in the Shabeelow village, where civilians ... took up arms [to] battle the terrorists“ “Five hours of fierce battles on Friday killed 14 villagers and many others were hospitalised in the town of Galkayo, Abdi...
  3. G

    Should the North dissolve SL?

    Real talk. No tribalism. Should the North meet with the South on dissolving both RSL and FGS or creating a new entity SUPERIOR to both SL and FGS? So both FGS and RSL continue to exist for the south and north, respectively under a new union government?


    Today this happened If y'all want me to post the statement by al-Shabaab about the base attack with its usual Wahhabist drivel, feel free to reply your affirmation
  5. N

    Hundreds of Ethiopian troopers to enter Somalia

    After 30 got killed by Al Shabaab. Expect more "revenge" killings targeting innocent Somali civilians.
  6. Kratos

    Farmaajo vs Al-Shabaab

    Came across this interview of Farmaajo: At around the 0:04 second mark the presenter mentioned he vowed to get rid of Al-Shabaab within two years. Does anyone know when he said this? Was it a campaign promise? Also does anyone know wtf he was smoking when he said this?
  7. I

    Documentary: Brave bantus liberating Mogadishu from UAE/Somaliland backed al shabaab terrorist group

    This is what happens when your brainwashed and funded by arabs
  8. Xooshdheere

    95 al-Shabaab fighters killed

    Around 0730 this morning, the Federal Government of Somalia authorised another US airstrike near Bur Elade. 95 al-Shabab fighters were killed.
  9. ArchBishopofAtheism

    Anyone lose relatives in Mogadishu attack?

    I just learned that people on both my mom's side and dad's side were killed in that attack on Saturday. I didnt know them and they are not immediate family. This thing reached a lot of people and I'm wondering if anyone on here lost anyone. Share your stories. By the way, do we even know who did...
  10. Farah

    Real Somali Politics

    I recently became more interested in Somali Politics and due to my lack of knowledge I wanted to ask if the following statemens is true and if you've heard it before. Someone claimed that Al-Shabaab and the bombings are just a distraction of what is really going on in Somalia. Al Shabaab is not...
  11. A

    Solution for the Mogadidhu bombings?

    Today’s bombing was one of the biggest bombings in mogadishu Since 2009, the death toll is at least 50 and 100 injured, AUN to the dead and may god help the injured. According to the news sites the truck that was carrying the bomb came from lower shabelle and entered from siinka dheer. Just a...
  12. Xooshdheere

    Ex Puntland intelligence official accuses state President of releasing 60 alShabaab prisoners
  13. Xooshdheere

    'Where the White Man Runs Away' The idiot who 'inspires' this trash film ran that joke of a website 'Somalia Report' famous for hoax reports of attacks on NGOs which left them vulnerable to real attacks by Al Shabaab. His career trajectory is a...
  14. DrippinglyWet

    UN-Monitoring Group says we had found no links between Al Shabaab and Eritrea

    Years of sanctions and embargo on Eritrea and unnecessary tension and animosity created by Ethiopia between our nations on a unfounded LIE, Afwerki already called it years ago but the IC shunned him. I could see a fruitful friendship between both countries hope it isn't to late:wow1: