Would you marry a Somali from a different diaspora?

Would you marry a different diaspora?

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Bad cop
American trying to study abroad in London in a few years. :gaasdrink:

Made this thought come up in my head, and I pray for my future self to hopefully make it out of there alive without saying “peng” or “ting”. :mjlol:

Jake from State Farm

We pro xalimo all 2019
Why would I do that.

Whats so different about them.

Unless I share a lot in common with a person from a different diaspora I wouldn’t waste my time


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
Women in the gynocentric feminist west are all the same just like fast food its like asking which is better for your health (USA xalimos) = hot dogs double cheese burger + milkshake and cheese fries


(UK xalimos) = donner kebab fish and chips + large fanta no ice

Either way expect an early grave laakinse somali girls that are no indoctrinated by western feminism or like organic fruits and vegatables minerals and vitamins glore


Bad cop
Honestly, speak to me like the queen and you got me hooked.

If you start speaking like a chav tho I’m out.

I love Aussie accents the most though, so—-:mjswag:


Bad cop
If I could live in any city outside of America, it would be Sydney

For real though, if it wasn’t so overpriced I would be set.