1. guycalledAmin

    SABIIB Restaurant Review

    So I finally decided to go to the overhyped Somali restaurant in Acton, London and this is my review. Outside, it does not really look like a restaurant but at least they put effort into the interior. My recent visit to Sabiib left me with mixed feelings. While the restaurant had its share of...
  2. Smokybob03

    Abti tries to Rob a bank in London for £1m with a water pistol :-P

  3. Smokybob03

    Reer London, is this your people? Schoolboy gets kidnapped in public and no one helps the victim

    Happened in Northolt west London. Camerman is very very confused , don’t know why he is arguing public instead of doing anything
  4. Material

    DEVELOPING NEWS Official London Mayoral Elections 2021 Thread

    London elections are coming up soon on the 6th of May. Candidates from the Major Parties are Sadiq Khan (Labour) Shaun Bailey (Conservative) Sian Berry (Green) Luisa Porritt (Lib-Dems) Here are the rest of the candidates on the BBC Personal Opinion:
  5. Jungle's Finest ☔


    post all ur london and toronto shit in this thread
  6. C-Town

    best place to live as a somali toronto vs london vs mineapolis

    also say why you would chose that city
  7. Farabuuto

    BREAKING STORY: North London faraax WAS SET UP by 17 yo xalimo who rejected him. He ATTACKS HER (Jailed)

    A robber who pushed an 18-year-old girl from a fourth floor balcony when she rejected his advances at a ‘pre-trial party’ was jailed for 14 years today (Weds). Yusuf Ali, 20, was on bail ahead of his trial for raiding a mobile phone shop on 20 May 2018 on Holloway Road, north LDN.
  8. AarHawd_7

    Cadaan yute getting jumped by Somalis after he dissed Somalis

    Kkkkkkkkk wallaahi he deserved it :drakelaugh:
  9. AarHawd_7

    AUN Abdulahi Mahmoud aka Ninja

    First Somali casualty in London this year so far, nearly 4 months I think the longest run in years. Imagine his little brother Kaos got murdered in jail in 2017 over weed contraband.
  10. AarHawd_7

    Breaking news: First images of Shmurda arriving in London!!!

    Welcome to London bro! see you are enjoying yourself. Welcome our Canadian brother to london you man! @Shmurda @HanadR6 @Strike6times @Al-Burcaawi @Macalin M @The Good @Mckenzie @doroafels
  11. T

    How dangerous is London

    It apparently has the worst crime rate by far in the UK. Is it even safe walking on a street in london cause the knife crime there is so bad.
  12. G

    Ramla tell us about her adventures in London

    Blease Exblain dis to me.:gucciwhat: This is very disturbing behavior. I thought this a few people, apparently it’s an epidemic.:farmajoyaab:
  13. AarHawd_7

    Reer London come in please

    We need to stop this fat creature, who’s gonna join me waiting for her till she touches down Heathrow Airport, so we can jump her and grab her by her Fanax
  14. K

    3 Bengali girls rob a corner shop in East London

  15. Helios

    Knife Crime in the UK

    For Reer Uk what do you guys think is a solution to the problem. As part of Reer Canada we dont really see it as often @AussieHustler 's thread about the London mayor's race made me ask
  16. AarHawd_7

    Detailed report about the Camden Madow vs Somali beef

    How London’s Camden Lock became a flashpoint for knife gang killings The area is at the heart of a brutal battle which has left vulnerable teenagers dead and whole communities in fear. They emerge at dusk, gathering on the corner of Queen’s Crescent and Weedington Road. Lookouts are stationed...
  17. AarHawd_7

    Stabbed Somali boy in Camden named: Assad “Nutty” Yarrow

    Camden stabbing: Victim, 25, was killed by machete-wielding attackers to ‘score points’, says girlfriend The 25-year-old, named locally as Assad, was knifed to death in Camden High Street at 11.10pm on Thursday, the third murder victim in the borough of Camden in five days. Two more young...
  18. AarHawd_7

    Young Faarax robbers jailed for nearly 25 years in total

    She touched the panic button and they didn’t even clock. :drakelaugh:Free up the young gs though.