1. Reformed J

    Study of Somali influence on Toronto Mans Accent

    A UofT prof wrote a whole paper based on a Raptors' fan sign that had 'Milwaukee Bucktees' on it I suspect the prof who wrote the paper also made this wikipedia page lol
  2. B

    Best Somali Rapper?

    Going through youtube and i'm seeing a lot of Somalis making tracks in Toronto & Minnesota. My favorite has to be MO-G. This track in particular has a positive message and apparently it had 2M views but the original video got deleted.
  3. Jungle's Finest ☔


    post all ur london and toronto shit in this thread
  4. Helios

    Reer Toronto Come In

    Do you see yourselves settling down in the city or moving out to other places in the GTA? Toronto seems to be getting more and more dangerous and the cost of living is ridiculously high. So personally I don't see the point in staying in the city - especially as a young farax who could easily get...
  5. C-Town

    best place to live as a somali toronto vs london vs mineapolis

    also say why you would chose that city
  6. lalayariis

    Figo changed us

    To put things into perspective, @sambuusi and I were in a horrible place when we first stumbled across the infamous @Figo . We were shivering in the cold rain, the water pelting down on us and soaking our raggedy clothes as we watched those YouTube videos that stimulated nature sounds during...
  7. Helios

    The Truth About Reer "Toronto"

    I'm tired of being told I live in a "tuulo" by these arrogant Reer Toronto Members. The fact is the claim to love a city that really isn't theirs. As someone who lives outside this "City" and is sick of being in it's shadow on SSPOT. The time for revenge is now. Buckle up folks we're about to...
  8. Odkac WRLD

    Shmurda’s big homie drops fire new remix of Auntie.

    @Shmurda’s big homie Debby recently dropped a fire remix of WhyG’s Auntie after removing her foot from Lil Tjay’s neck. they need to kick Houdini off for her. Anyways here’s the video Shmurda Big Homie aka DebbyGang4Life remix of Auntie let me know what you think of her verse @0:32
  9. Helios

    What Kids in My Old Highschool are up to....

    Dropping diss tracks on each other. Thank god they aren't from my city and just the neighboring town :wow1::tacky: @Factz @Shmurda @Gucci mane @416 @HanadR6 @Desert Flower @lil boss
  10. Lois Lane

    How are the media doing in Toronto? Journalist seeking your opinion.

    Hey, I'm a journalist in Toronto. For a diverse city, our media are pretty white and mainstream. What kind of job do you think the local media are doing? Who is doing a good job of representing issues important to your community? Who is doing a bad job? Have you seen any news you've found...
  11. Cam

    Young geeljire hustlin on the streets of Toronto

    He's got the business sense of a true Somali Masha Allah :salute: If you're ever in Toronto go buy his paintings :yousmart: Look out for his restaurant in 5-10 years insha Allah
  12. Nin waalan

    Desperate xalimo got finessed by Toronto faarax

  13. lalayariis

    Would you marry a Somali from a different diaspora?

    American trying to study abroad in London in a few years. :gaasdrink: Made this thought come up in my head, and I pray for my future self to hopefully make it out of there alive without saying “peng” or “ting”. :mjlol:
  14. AarHawd_7

    Time to settle this: Reer London vs Reer Toronto

    Which one of the two communities brought the most shame to the Somali community Reer Toronto? Or reer London? @kobe @Geeljire sanbuur @Geeljire lotus @Factz @sigmund @Ahmed_london @El qashin @Sheikh @Kudhufo Kadhaqaq @MARAQ DIGAAG @Kodeen
  15. L

    What do you guys think about Tribal East?

    They're everywhere nowadays: Even in Kenya :whew: I like Mad Rich and Prenze is mad talented (and a cutie- masha Allah)
  16. AarHawd_7

    Reer London soo gala

    Imagine if these soft Mali niggaz from Toronto and Minneapolis lived with the yardies from Harlesden, Tottenham or them ones from the South London jungle.:farmajoyaab: They wouldnt survive a day in London:pachah1:
  17. lalayariis

    Somali Parents Don’t Know How To Raise Their Kids

    My Hooyo is one of the only parents I know that screams at their children for leaving the house and questions them, calling the parents of whosever they are hanging out with and basically breathing down their necks. She doesn’t segregate by gender either, and only now lets my 18 year old brother...
  18. Grigori Rasputin

    Another day, another Somali funeral: Somali deaths in Toronto

    Too many hooyo crying, too many.
  19. Vanessa

    Mo-g released a banger WOAH

    :ohhhdamn::ohhhdamn: My baby is back with a banger:ohhhdamn:
  20. L

    Does anyone remember the days...?

    When Somali's and Jamaicans had mad beef in the Toronto area? I remember a lot of the habaryars warning all the kids that Jamaicans were gonna murk any Somali they see. What kind of paranoid bs? I still laugh at that to this day :ftw9nwa: