1. Odious Delirium

    Reer Sweden what the hell is going on here 😲

  2. Al-Burcaawi

    Swedes having a crazy meltdown about Somalis in a forum

    https://www.flashback.org/t1706436 This is a 9 year old thread called "Why are Somalis the most hated nationality in Sweden?" with 50+ pages that is still getting posts til this day:ooh::mjlol: Major highlights include: "Mmm, Somalis are the scum on Earth. Wild beasts from a faraway land...
  3. CanIDimo

    Palestinian speaking fluent somali

    he is Palestinian and reer xamar, if you check his story he uses the word "xalimoid" he must be a somalispotter :damn: he also calls the guy folk head" in somali :russ: meanwhile most yall can barely form a single sentence in somali somali girls you have my permission and blessing, secure this...
  4. lalayariis

    Would you marry a Somali from a different diaspora?

    American trying to study abroad in London in a few years. :gaasdrink: Made this thought come up in my head, and I pray for my future self to hopefully make it out of there alive without saying “peng” or “ting”. :mjlol:
  5. Blackarotto

    Reer Sweden come take you W Finally!!!

    https://www.reuters.com/video/2011/03/09/a-somali-herder-for-swedish-camels?videoId=193851373 Like seriously this Somali guy has the perfect job fit for him! Why haven't people thought of this sooner? He has expertise in his field of camel herding. Did you hear what that Somali guy said about...
  6. N

    Qaamuus - LGBTQ

    Salam, ma ogtihiin what I found well hidden in the kitchen behind dusuuda?!!:icon e confused: So we have finally got a somali LGBTQ glossary translated from Swedish. I thought it was interesting that they defined Transexual as ”Cudur”:cryinglaughsmiley:if they knew it waa la karbaashi lahaa...
  7. Cumar

    Old Swedish pensioners beat up Somali youth gang in street fight

    Extremely embarrassing to say the least. :ohlord: How on earth are grown teenagers getting punked off by Awoowe's :ileycry:
  8. Mohsin

    Somalia should cut ties to Sweden

    Sweden has begun campaign in EU to recognize somaliland they interfered our internal affairs , expel their missioners in Territories of Somalia sources Russian international news https://sputniknews.com/africa/201711211059287479-sweden-somaliland-independence/
  9. Waxwaalan

    Geeljire father & quran teacher visciously stabbed to death & left for dead in stockholm suburb

    The man had apparently just left his kids at daycare before he was attacked most likely by another geeljire in the Tensta suburb. Witnesses say they saw a struggle between two men & suddenly one ran away & the other collapsed bleeding from neck/throat. He later died of his injuries. He was...
  10. Xooshdheere

    reer SJWeden, have you ever tried Snus?

    burns like hell
  11. Someone

    Swedish rap/hiphop reaction

  12. Someone

    Trollhättan protest

    In this town in Sweden, many somali families have had their children taken away by CPS this year, for either no reason or a stupid one. I think eight or nine families have had their children taken so far this year. Thoughts? *Vi vill ha våra barn = We want our children*
  13. S

    Anti immigrant video showing angry Somalis

    I was watching an anti immigrant Muslim videos on YouTube and somehow this video is full of Somali violence :lol: Any Somali swedes in this website?
  14. S

    Hej, kom indenfor alle med nordisk baggrund. Denne tråd er for os og de udfordringer, som vi oplever

    Hvordan oplever i det at bo i norden sammenlignet med andre invandrer grupper? Jeg hører en del om at Norske regler er blevet gevaldigt strammet, og at Sverige er begyndt at blive uvenligt overfor somalisk invandrer. På den danske front oplever vi, at det politisk er meget betændt men at det...
  15. S

    Donald Trump made a fool out of himself and #LastNightInSweden is making fun of him

    https://twitter.com/petterohrn/status/833243013983956993 De fjeld aber forstår virkelig af at gør grin med den nar. Det er også det eneste som de er gode for :pachah1:
  16. M

    60 Minutes go to Sweden's Little Mogadishu

    Somalis ran over the camera man in this little welfare leeching shithole called Rinkeby. The video is trending on Youtube. O27GWRK