1. Al-Burcaawi

    Scandinavian Xalimo flexes on UK/US Somalis

  2. Waaqo of Punt

    A Somali man took his life by jumping off from a height. Mall in Norway.

  3. The alchemist


    Norway is like the perfect woman.
  4. AIOPZ


    Have any one of you guys watched the show '17' before? It's a Norwegian TV show that came out last September centering around a Somali kid trying not to get sent back to Somalia for dhaqan celis. It's on a website called NRK.There isn't any official English subs for the show unfortunately...
  5. lalayariis

    Would you marry a Somali from a different diaspora?

    American trying to study abroad in London in a few years. :gaasdrink: Made this thought come up in my head, and I pray for my future self to hopefully make it out of there alive without saying “peng” or “ting”. :mjlol:
  6. S

    Hej, kom indenfor alle med nordisk baggrund. Denne tråd er for os og de udfordringer, som vi oplever

    Hvordan oplever i det at bo i norden sammenlignet med andre invandrer grupper? Jeg hører en del om at Norske regler er blevet gevaldigt strammet, og at Sverige er begyndt at blive uvenligt overfor somalisk invandrer. På den danske front oplever vi, at det politisk er meget betændt men at det...