Why do some Somalis claim to not be Arabs?

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If you are fat, short and greasy like falafel, you are one of them. If you are slender and Ashy you are an Abdi. You should know the distinction by now.
being arab is a state of mind, its a fluid identity.
the prophet sallah allah calyhi wa salam said an arab is anyone that speaks arabic.
this week i dont feel very arabic, but last week i was.
i am not your typical arab or somali coz i hate current arab pop culture, its utter unimaginative shit that lacks artistic sense.
i prefer stuff from 30 + years ago.. like cabdul xalim xafiz and um kuklthum.

but dont read too much into this because i am also into japanese culture and music, and a big fan of indonesian rock music.

i consider myself a world citizen.

arab identity is not racial, there are black as f*ck sudanese tribesmen that can trace their decent from ancient arabian lineage, because its traced from the paternal side.
There are also blond nordic looking fucks that are also as ancient for the same reasons, probably due to 1000 years of slave trade, millions of blond slavic women ended up as slaves in the middle east.

anyway i digress..

to be arab is simply a state of mind.
Some Arab girl from uni exclaimed that it was nice to see someone Arab and I didn't want to make it a big deal and react negatively like how some weirdos on this site would possibly do, but I did register it and smiled awkwardly . Point being You do get some arabs that try to incorporate somalis in pan arabia.
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