1. Guts

    Somali and Nigerian Wedding!

    I'm crying the baranbur lady said "Yoruba u dheel" :mjlol::russ:Next wedding you will see a kpop xalimo marrying korean guy and the baranbur lady will mention laandheerayaasha Goryeo dynasty
  2. H

    Who here is half Arab half Somali (no trolls.) Most mixed somalis are normally half white.

    Any of y'all half: Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Bahraini, Imani, Yemeni (legit Yemeni, straight from Yemen), Iraqi, Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Libyan etc My father is from Northern Yemen. My mom is Somali.
  3. Hanan.ilhan

    Who was it?

    Who was the first person on here that were mixed with something crazy?
  4. Zach

    mixed races beautiful

    Today on my way to the city, I saw the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. So her mom was a ginger with like really long red hair, fucking tall and really pale. And her dad looked like Somali light skinned but wasn’t Somali, he was like Sudan and something white. The daughter hade like light skin but...
  5. Zach

    Mixed Race Appreciation Thread

    Tbh most mixed race kids look good or even hot. I just watched a video on YouTube and in 30 years mixed race people will dominate the races meaning there will be more of us than of one race people!
  6. K

    I need advice badly

    First off, I need to say that im a half Somali with a Filipino mother. My somali is minimal and my father passed away years ago. I dont know his side of the family because of several, complicated reasons. I live now in a Somali community/neighborhood, and my mother is getting harassment from...
  7. HuunoHunter

    Half Somali and Japanese kids.

    I was thinking about marrying an ajnabi but I am kind of second guessing now due to our recessive genes.
  8. ethan bradberry

    Why do some Somalis claim to not be Arabs?

    it always confused me when Somalis claim to not be Arab. A lot of us speak Arabic, We're even part of the Arab league and we are clearly mixed with Arabs (which explains are Caucasian features). Heck our language has a lot of Arabic words. The only question is why do Somalis not want to be...