1. M

    Is This True?

    These people descend from Somalis? I've never heard about any interaction between Somalis and Madagascans. Antemoro people
  2. The Somali Caesar

    This had me thinking

    Africa as a whole has a population of 1.3 billion and has a gdp of $2.6 trillion. With unlimited natural resources Oil,Gas,Gold,Diamond,Silver etc. While a country like Japan with a population of 123 million and has a GDP of $5 trillion. It has no significant natural resources.
  3. GAZA

    Africa Appreciation Thread

    My favourite african foods My favourite african civilizations The mighty Adal Empire The Sokoto Caliphate The most influential of all of them the ancient egyptians Last month was november black history month in both the statea and the uk. Sorry for the lateness of the thread ps no...
  4. OffTheDome

    What the hell is going on in Uganda?? 37 are killed in Violent clashes

    Do the Ugandans need a Somali peace keeping force? :russ::lolbron: :heh:
  5. OffTheDome

    Emmanuel Macron says Russia and Turkey are fueling anti-French sentiment in Africa

    Is this guy retarded? You can tell Macron is a low IQ person :russ::heh...
  6. F

    why we need more African archaeologists - Sada Mire

    Here's why we need more African archaeologists
  7. strawberrii

    Travel pictures

    Even though we’re all stuck inside our houses right now, let’s dig up some old travel pictures to post. I’m sure you guys have some nice photos somewhere, right?
  8. IftiinOfLife

    Brussels Conference Act of 1890: Created to FORBID the sale of WEAPONS to AFRICANS

    UNLESS THEY WERE COONS :drakelaugh: I quote British colonial record Countries that agreed to not selling weapons to Africa Austria-Hungary Belgium Congo Free State...
  9. CaliTedesse

    What makes one native to Africa

    What makes one native to Africa? How many years of living in Africa. I say this because recently I watched a video of West African male saying Ethiopians ( and other horners are from Asia and North Africans etc. I get flashbacks of how I would react had this been several years ago. I...
  10. Helios

    Soviet Musik

    Since we all know that I'm a closet '-------' its time to appreciate the other opposite side of the political spectrum. The USSR could barely put good meals on the table but their music made up for the lost calories. May Putin smile down on me and help me in these dark times @Knowles :cool:. My...
  11. DRACO

    First Specialist Somali Hospital for the National Armed Forces.

    This will improve our military readiness and ranking.
  12. CaliTedesse

    I'll never understand these Somalis

    It's mostly FOBs in the West but some who are born there also who take picture from their tuulo aerial view and write (tuulo name) CITY above it. LOL that's so humiliating, especially when this so called place has mudhuts for houses and hardly any infrastructure. Somali arrogance at full sight...
  13. S

    African union to unveil unified passport tomorrow

    The African Union Commission (AUC) will unveil the unified passport in Addis Ababa on Sunday, which will allow its members to travel freely across the continent. African Union sources said that the unified passport will help facilitate the freedom of movement of people and stimulate economic...
  14. GBTarmy

    Italian deputy PM calls on EU to sanction France for its 'continued colonization' of Africa

    The Italian deputy prime minister has blamed France for the European migrant crisis, accusing it of impoverishing African nations with "colonialist" policies. He promised to take the issue to the EU and other international bodies. Luigi Di Maio, leader of the anti-establishment Five Star...
  15. GBTarmy

    China in Africa

    Wtf is this how the chinese are cucking our african neighbours:hmm::ohhh:
  16. Ramen

    African man hired to spread HIV

    Wallahi what the hell is going on in africa? People are hiring old men to have sex with their underage daughters. This disgusting man even had sex with a 12 YEAR OLD! I am sick and TIRED of this cursed continent! The fact that hes raping and infecting these poor girls just breaks my...
  17. CaliTedesse

    Weird thing about North Africans

    Especially Moroccans and Algerians and Tunisians. I noticed among their Berber speaking population, the ones that speaks Arab don't regard themselves as Berber anymore and distance themselves from the Berber umbrella. Imagine a Somali who speaks Arab denouncing he is Somali and he is Arab. Shit...
  18. Nilotufian

    Who made this map I wanna talk

    >Afaria >Djibouti Might as well complete Greater Somalia and throw Mombasa in there too :denzelnigga: Also @Beja is everything good at home? :susp:
  19. Ahmed Alawi

    Somalia's GDP is terrible for its population, even in African standards

    GDP by African country 1. Zambia, 19.55 billion USD 2. Zimbabwe, 16.29 billion USD 3. Senegal, 14.77 billion USD 4. Mali, 14.05 billion USD 5. Burkina-Faso, 12.2 billion USD 6. Chad, 9.601 billion USD 7. South Sudan, 9.015 billion USD 8. Benin, 8.583 billion USD 9. Rwanda, 8.376 billion...