1. DRACO

    Disgraced journalist Cabdimalik Coldoon to be prosecuted .

    Coldoon was running a Breitbart News-like agency, spewing out propaganda / inciting violence against Somaliland and small organisations like Abaarso school. Coldoon Charged with Serious Crimes: Libel & Defamation against Abaarso College + Incitement of Violence Against Somaliland Govt. والفتنة...
  2. CaliTedesse

    Arabic conversations: Learning thread

    Guys I opened this thread in the hopes we could learn each other more Arabic. Since the admins don't think a learning section is good. Also when will the Somali section be done? This thread will serve as a platform to learn each other Arabic as Somali's. I would like to add that if you want to...
  3. chosen one

    Somalis were the ancient egyptians

    Waryaa @Amun is this true? :patrice:
  4. Aden

    Saudi Arabia Deports Somalis to Mogadishu

  5. Aden

    Somali vs racist Arabs

  6. Aden

    The Best of Both Worlds: The Other Side of Being Biracial By Mona

    The Best of Both Worlds: The Other Side of Being Biracial By Mona Yes, as 50% of you guys already know I have moved to London. Even though I'm still figuring out things and trying to put everything in place I have already made a lot of memories with some amazing people. My best friend and also...
  7. DRACO

    Terminology: Somali vs Somalian

    Ok i have been thinking about this for a while I believe the term 'Somalian' should be used to describe a Somali from Somalia And a Somali should mean all Somalis from = Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, Ogaden and Kenya NFD Why do you get so triggered by being called a Somalian? .
  8. Aden

    New research: Somali immigrants in Sweden suffering from severe vitamin D deficiency

    Somali immigrants in Sweden suffering from severe vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy New research out of Sweden has found that pregnant Somali women are suffering from severe vitamin D deficiency, with one-third of the women having undetectable vitamin D levels. Past reports have...
  9. Aden

    Battling diabetes another hurdle for Somali immigrants

    Battling diabetes another hurdle for Somali immigrants Diabetes is a complex disease and navigating a daily regimen of medications, blood sugar checks, diet, exercise and doctors visits can be overwhelming in the best of times. It's even tougher for immigrants still learning English. Advocate...
  10. ethan bradberry

    Why do some Somalis claim to not be Arabs?

    it always confused me when Somalis claim to not be Arab. A lot of us speak Arabic, We're even part of the Arab league and we are clearly mixed with Arabs (which explains are Caucasian features). Heck our language has a lot of Arabic words. The only question is why do Somalis not want to be...
  11. Kezira

    Some Somalians believe they built Pyramids

  12. Kezira


  13. Kezira

    Hijab and tight clothes

  14. Cinnamon Spice

    Why do Somalians get triggered when you call them..

    ...Somalian? Whenever someone says Somalian you will always find someone pointing out the "mistake" and often angrily exclaiming "It's Somali not Somalian" :mad: My thread title probably triggered some.. but why? Why do we detest being called Somalian as if it's a slur or something? It's just...
  15. D

    Arab guy on YouTube comments

    So there's this Arab guy on a YouTube comment that was defending Somalis after this person left this comment on there: Here's the Arab guy's responses: I had to spoil it by saying Somalis don't have Arab in them and that Ethiopians have more Jewish and Arab in them than Somalis. :mjlol: Then...
  16. Rooble

    Somali khaniisnimo reaches a new level