We lost another teenager last night, RIP

What's ngang and raynars
Anyhow his is fucked up and needs to stop this is the final straw, the community needs to do something about this came together and protect the kids

The criminals need to be caught and brought to justice, and put in prison for life tougher and harsher prison sentences needs to be put in place
This is the work of sadiq Khan garac stopped stop and searches now the murder rate doubled


North-West, London
This is why you always got to Have a dangerous weapon on you if you get caught lacking these jareers are bloodthirsty you got be even more savage to protect your life
Wallahi man 100% true. these times you cannot be rolling naked wallahi atleast have a little flikky on you


@diaby @AarHawd_7 so your saying a madow gang, travelled all the way from Rayners Lane to Bush to kill any Somali boy? Yep, it's time Somalis stop with the naxariis.

Gucci mane

Afhayeenka SL
Looks like y’all need to learn to take out a page from our playbook:francis:

Y’all need to put em in their place wallahi. This shit actually triggers me
Aun war is war so far we have lost 3 Somali boys this year inshallah the Somali brothers ride out I could never sleep knowing my brother got killed
Rip. Somalis should stay safe especially at night, you never know what could happen. Heard jareers are after Somalis and hate them. Anyways, stay safe out there in the streets.