1. Zoobear

    Orthodox Jewish Assassin Kills a Gang Member in Broad Day!

    My sources have confirmed that the killer was a member of the" Kosher Nostra".
  2. Odkac WRLD

    SERIOUS Somali React actress Muna Mustafa has passed away

    This is shocking. Allahu Naxariisto. Sharp reminder how short this life really is.
  3. Risotto

    President Trump's brother dies in New York hospital.

  4. Odkac WRLD

    Chinese Ambassador to Israel found dead at his home.

    Chinese Ambassador to Israel Du Wei has been found dead in his residence in northern Tel Aviv. He was 57 years old. He also did a mandatory two week self isolation upon assuming the ambassadorship in Feb 2020. No foul play is suspected, but this will likely damage already strained...
  5. Odkac WRLD

    Bill Withers, legendary soul singer, passes at 81.

    The legendary American R&B and soul singer passed away today. He was responsible for many hits, but one of the best known ones was “Ain’t No Sunshine” along with “Lean on Me”. Lean on me. When your not strong And I’ll be your friend I’ll help you carry on-...
  6. Exodus

    Social media is vile

    In the past 24 hours I've seen multiple twitter threads like this ; - The audacity of this guy to post a crying emoji and ask for the video :farmajoyaab: A video of a man about to die and his screaming wife generates so much interest that everyone asks to be sent it. This isn't the first...
  7. Odkac WRLD

    Moving on from loss...

    This will come off either as incredibly stupid or incredibly weird, but the death of Juice Wrld is really affecting my life. I did not know this man but listened to his music nonstop. His music got me through a lot of things (including @Muji) :damn: and Idk i guess I never realized how much an...
  8. IftiinOfLife

    Most Somali Diaspora's (born in the diaspora) are dead/in the gutter

    Truly think about it. Have you? I spoke with an old friend recently from the old neighborhood, and most of the somalis we grew up with are either dead or in jail, or doing so shitty they might as well be dead. Like a dude I know who dropped out of college/uni his parents forced him to marry a...
  9. F

    Feeling like you’re going to die

    I’m out here with a bump on my head thinking it’s a sign of my death. I know it’s not serious, but I can’t help wondering that this could be my last night. Do you ever exaggerate the smallest things thinking that it’s leading to your death? How often do you think about not waking up the next...
  10. AarHawd_7

    We lost another teenager last night, RIP

    I would advise Somali boys to avoid Uxbridge Road the comming days wallahi.
  11. L

    Rest in Power, Michael Jackson, The King of Pop!

  12. A

    Somali kid beaten to death

    Has anyone seen the video of a Somali boy being beaten to death. I saw this video on the Snapchat of a Somali charity worker. His snap is checkcheck47. These animals use sticks and kicks to fucking kill this kid. Fucking animals.
  13. L

    The replacement theory ep.1

  14. L


  15. tesfey67n

    Atheism is bullshit, change my mind

    any atheists on here want to debate? Seems like not many atheists stepped forward and challenged my info, dont hide behind your screens. I had a discussion with @Kafir but even he was avoiding some topics, But still, I will give him respect for speaking out. we will speak about the concept of...
  16. S

    How does Somalispot feel about organ donation, are you selfless or selfish and want to keep organs?

    Under Islamic law organdonation is allowed if it can save a life both alive and after death but most muslims don't do it anyways, why must that be? Give your reasons please, non organ donors of Somalispot @RICH
  17. Prince Abubu

    400,000 Women and children have died in Southern Somalia from Starvation (in 6 Months!)

    WTF.:mindblown: Why isn't this being dealt with be Konfurians? Look at the comments as well. Typical sociopathic cadaans.
  18. H

    Death penalty by lethal injection: execution day USA

    do you feel sorry for these criminals
  19. ethan bradberry

    Do you consider yourself an Arab

    Do you consider yourself to be an Arab. Yes or no
  20. HuunoHunter


    We were all born to die, yet we are dying to live. The greatest inevitable stage of your life is death, it's every man/woman's closing chapter to their lives. Are you prepared today if death came upon you? Would you have regrets or would you be ready to face the agony of death? Make your choice...