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Afhayeenka SL
I don’t know
I just can’t gain weight on my waist and thighs
I’ll check it tho :icon lol:
You will as the older you get. No need to sweat about it. Once you hit your 20s you will be shocked find out how easy it is to gain weight.

For now just eat 2x more than what you usually do.


how do i use this
I already do that walking thing, I walk a 1.8 miles approximately every day to get to my subway if that counts :liberaltears:
And like what protein foods?
I’m already exercising my legs like hell but it only goes to my butt :mjcry:
I’m cursed with basto legs :meleshame:
i dont mind :dabcasar:


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Ok. Well you must weigh nothing. I tried it and ruined my door. Now I won't get my security deposit back lol
Im not overweight lol,im very fit, anyways the dude I bought the bar from was 210 lbs and it didnt mess up his door.

Were you on the heavy side? :gaasdrink:
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