1. Mek Nimr al-Ja'ali

    If you're a man without abs, you need to lose weight Plain and simple, if you're over 12% bodyfat, you have no business gaining weight. Drop down to 12% first and get abs and a decent jawline first. Not only will your body be far more attractive, but...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Faraax Public Service Announcement

    I don’t know who needs to see this, but HIT THE FUCKING GYM NACALATULA :damn: :damn: sick and tired of see these 130-140 lbs 6 foot weaklings getting folded by AA’s, west Africans, Kenyans, even indians wallabies. :drakelaugh: I am 6’2 and four and a half months ago was 140 lbs. I was one of...
  3. 4head

    Fitness updates for Faraaxs and Halimos.

    I'm making this thread not just for our progress but weekly progress. It'll push us to workout, eat well and do the right thing, week after week. No excuses! So if you guys want to post under this thread about your progress, do it so! I'll do ! My final goals : It'll take at least 1 and half...
  4. 4head

    My new body goals:

    I'm working recently to look like my boy Mike. Since February, I have only lost 10 pounds lmfao. But now i'm determined to lose more and later on, next year, i want to see more muscles. Wish me good luck! What are you physical goals/post some pictures of your body goals, guys!
  5. 4head

    Body odor

    Apparently blacks and hindus have a bad reputation when it comes to body odor, is it true? I mean, i smell clean because i took a shower but when i finished my workouts, i smell sweat and manly. And my cadaan friends (mâles) smell bad when they done their workouts too. But blacks and indians...
  6. BanskiFaarax

    Fat Xalimos

    Even tho i love my xalimos, the amount of FAT xalimos compared to the FIT looking ones is unreal. out of every 10 xalimos i see every day only 1 or 2 are fit and the rest be looking like
  7. Ahmed Ali

    For Woman who have diabetes and health fitness problem

    For anyone who may have a health problem especially diabetes or health fitness weight loss I advice you to take a 5 minutes and watch this video. This is a true story a sister of mine who's been struggling with a Diabetes type 2, was advice by the doctor to go diet and just do exercise with...
  8. G

    Recovering from obesity

    Hi! I'm currently on a journey of health and am looking to lose 60-70 lbs and become fit (inshallah). I'll be blogging about my experience at and tweeting from @GacantaDhig if you are interested!
  9. Jodeci

    Somali Girl Fitness

    Any other Sistas work out? I have been for around 4+ years, but I''m kind of chilling now ( It's been like 2 weeks I feel like a slob .:chrisfreshhah:) Haven't been to the gym in a minute. Here's my gym stash ( I have a friend who works in a supplement store who hooked me up for free...
  10. Kezira

    Hijab and tight clothes