1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Does Anyone On Here Belong To A Boxing Gym 🥊

    I'm going one soon, how about you guys?
  2. guycalledAmin

    How to gain weight?

    I have always been skinny my entire life and struggled with gaining weight. Last year when I was in university, I started to eat like a pig and gained about 15 kg. This year, I have lost all that and I keep losing more despite me still eating a lot. I don't think I can eat more without feeling...
  3. nanagriffithphobe

    Stop making other Somalis who want to the gym feel their goal physic isn't attainable because YOU aren't seeing results.

    Hello, I've been a bit confused when Somali guys and even some gyals say it's "hard to gain muscle" and "our genetics suck". First of all, I only know 3 Somali guys at my gym and all 3 of them are buff but ill talk about myself. So I started going to the gym for 8 months in a lean bulk. For...
  4. hinters

    I've decided to go the gym

    But I need help from my gym-going brothers on sspot. I have no idea what to do. I don't know what exercises or machines to use and how many sets I should do. I know I need some kind of plan or routine but there are so many out there I don't know what to do. :mjkkk:
  5. Mek Nimr al-Ja'ali

    North/East Africans don't have bad muscle genetics, proof included

    I think I've seen it said and bandied around here a lot that North and East Africans have naturally small frames and can't put on muscle, but I think there's more than a few examples out there in the wild proving this wrong. There might be some individuals in the populace with small frames who...
  6. K

    Home gym vs Public Gym

    Tried the home gym during the pandemic it was shit. Much prefer going to a gym.
  7. Boogie

    Workout regime (fine, girls u can come in)

    I need one for strength and endurance got any suggestions guys
  8. A

    WTF! please Somali girls go to the gym!

  9. 4head

    I feel bad today

    because i don't know if i do my workout now, even though it's quite late considering the fact that i have school tomorrow lmao! and i had a pretty tiring day and i haven't had a good sleep last night:noneck: but i don't want to be a weak man, so i gotta workout:gaasdrink: Who else missed...
  10. 4head

    Weight loss

    Salam to all, how can i start my weight loss journey? I don't know where and how! I have a job and I go to school too! but these last months i stopped working out and i don't feel good about it. And I want to know if there's any methode for weight loss that actually WORKS! Thanks !
  11. S

    Segsi and Looking for Sharci

    Back home, brothers have made a beeline for the gym. Why? :farmajoyaab: To devise a plan of attack for sharci. Target audience - Western Xalimos. Competition - Western Faraxs. Local guys have found a ch*nk in the armor of their competition. Western Faraxs suffer from a little something called...
  12. Jodeci

    Somali Girl Fitness

    Any other Sistas work out? I have been for around 4+ years, but I''m kind of chilling now ( It's been like 2 weeks I feel like a slob .:chrisfreshhah:) Haven't been to the gym in a minute. Here's my gym stash ( I have a friend who works in a supplement store who hooked me up for free...
  13. Z

    Faaraxs who lift

    post your ideal physique Mine is Greg Plitt no homo
  14. Q

    What do you guys do at the gym?

    So I signed up for LA fitness today. Since it's winter and I won't be walking that much outside, I thought I should atleast workout 4 days a week. My bestie and I signed up, and we will be gym buddies inshallah. They offered 3 free training sessions with a trainer since we signed up while...