PUNTLAND Puntland Farming and Food Production Thread


We need fish farmers also, PL has 1600 km of 3200 KM Somalia coastline. Technically speaking Puntland should be producing 50% of Somalia fishery production, not only do we need to utilize our sea coast, we need to refine our production so our fish can be used for other products like fish oil, omega fats, medicine ingredients and so much more. We also need to separate high value fish and sell it at higher prices like lobsters-oysters-etc.

I prefer we create industries that turns our coastline fishery into medical products, I remember @Farjano-Walad the economist on the spot saying, 3rd world countries focus on 'raw industries' and do not add much else to the supply chain and I hope puntland listens to those wise words of Farjano, he saying you can turn your national products into other productions rather then selling it raw and have other countries benefit from turning it into more expensive products.

A-lot of medications contain 'fish' ingredients, why don't we bottle those ingredients and create new industries of puntites in factories supplying pharmaceutical companies with the raw ingredients needed.


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14 female farmers in Gaalkacyo, Puntland, through USAID support, received solar-powered irrigation systems that are expected to reduce energy cost on each farm by $700 per month. The system will supply 50 cubic meters of water per day enabling them to cultivate 40% more land.


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Puntland can not only grow everything that is grown in South Somalia in addition to dates, which, correct me if I am wrong, is not grown in South Somalia.

I said it before, but FAO released a report stating that Puntland has good soil for farming- as evident from the boom in farmlands across the state. Thankfully, farming has become more popular and will only grow as people see how profitable and stable it is.