1. O

    What crops can be grown in somalia?

    I was given some farmland but don't know the first thing about Farming/Agriculture. Resources on the topic relative to somalia's climate would be appreciated
  2. L

    Jubbada hoose - Jamaame archives

    Pretty cool videos, the quality is nice. The locals working on the farms seem to be very humble and peaceful.
  3. warside

    PUNTLAND Puntland Agriculture and Food Production Thread

  4. Thugnificent

    land/food prices

    do any of you know the prices of vegetables like tomatoes/ letuce etc. and how much does a plot of land (20x20m) cost in hargeysa or arabsiyo. the reason why i want to know is below. i'm interested to start a semi farm in the hargeysa/arabsiyo region. my plan is to buy a plot of land...
  5. Alone

    Farming in Somalia general thread

    I've always thought about getting some farmland, house and goats in our glorious motherland I could say it has been a fantasy I've enjoyed for a while just thinking about sitting on my porch with my dream wife while watching my goats and kids frolick about in the wild together as they learn...
  6. N

    Farmands in Somalia owned by foreigners?

    Hi, New to here. Was always wondering how much of our farmlands the politicians gave away to foreigners. Heard horror stories about farmers getting kicked out of their lands in Ethiopia. Hope it's not the same for us.
  7. SultanuuFicaan

    Somali rice farming project started in 1968

    Filipino seeds were well suited to our climates as opposed to Chinese seeds The two shabelle regions are blessed , they alone can feed the entire somali population who reside in the Horn of africa and there would still be enough produce left for exports. We have no right to starve like...
  8. Prince Abubu

    Imagine being descendants of the first farmers

    Imagine Somalis being the descendants of the first humans to invent farming and agriculture. Now imagine that we are a mostly nomadic people who despise farming and suffer from annual droughts and famine...