1. Thegoodshepherd

    Prof. Opposes giving all Somalis living in Banadir right to vote

    I knew this was coming. There are so many people from Koonfur Galbeed in Xamar, they likely form the plurality, i.e largest single group. I’ve no doubt that there are more KG IDPs in Xamar than there are Abgaal. Puntland allowed all IDPs the right to vote at the local level. @Jungle...
  2. warside

    PUNTLAND Puntland Agriculture and Food Production Thread

  3. Woke1.4rm.Shibis

    Criminal kheyre meets banadir elders asks the imaam to make dua for him .

    Imaamka is making a joke out of himself by making dua for these corrupt politicians while banadir burns . The last time the imaam made dua for kheyre he got ousted in 7 minutes :drakelaugh:
  4. Enlightenednomad

    NEWS Somalia Federal States Football Cup: Official Thread

    The last group stage match ended in a draw between PL & SWS ended in a draw which means Jubaland is eliminated. Galmudug scored a later winner against Hirshabelle leaving the latter at the bottom of the group. It'll be Puntland vs Galmudug - Southwest State vs Banadir in semis for...
  5. Mohsin

    Somalia to solve border disputes between its federal states

    somaliland puntland galmudug,hirshabelle banadir jubaland Kgalbeed
  6. SultanuuFicaan

    “Dhikr will Echo from All Corners:” Dada Masiti and the Transmission of Islamic Knowledge @embarassing @XamarCade @Pensive @Bahal @John Michael @Luna @Canuck @Prince of Hobyo @Prince of Lasanod @Prince Abubu @MadNomad @Madara x @cantspeak @SOMALI GENERAL @oday1kenobi @VixR @Vanguard @government @Burhan @Zayd...