I’m From Tukaraq... Ask me any Qauestions in regards to the War, Region etc...

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Who's really got the upperhand? :icon lol:
No one So Far... Casualties on both sides... No one has upper hand... but it all depends on what you really think? SL a whole country has its land being occupied by a region, Lol... Puntland or Harti/Daarood have their land occupied by another Clan... That is really overall but specifically on Tukaraq.. No ones advancing yet although both sides are claiming victory. Obviously as Harti; I’m supporting Puntland
Kaligiiduul, interesting, i had been hearing Puntland were winning this easily but i knew there was more to the story :nvjpqts:
MARAQ DIGAAG, i have heard it's in pretty shit condition which makes all the death and fighting over it even more meaningless kkkk
The locals side with who?
The Locals are with Puntland but SL has used a long strategy of Paying militia leaders such as mahal cambaashe etc for a long time. Mahad cambaashe is on 200k a year plus all the non existent soldiers oo uu qortay whom he also takes their salary on behalf of them, Lol.. Its complicated but the average people are pro Somalia also the garaado and all dhulbahante and warsangali so Yh They’re Pro PL..
Short Answer: Puntland
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