1. Thegoodshepherd

    British expert explains the SSC-Somaliland conflict

  2. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS Lawless Sool Militia in Puntland region shoot the Son of Renowned Somali Peot Jamac Kediye's Son in the head in a Subclan revenge attack

    This is sad, When will these backward War mogering savages STOP this two century bloodshed among themselves or with other regional neighbors???? Will they stop it when they go instinct...
  3. abdallah

    A dhullo brother tells us how Somaliweyne is a fake ideology

    :icon lol::icon lol:
  4. ladySomal206

    GENETICS Results...2nd bigY uploaded to Yfull, 4 ydna test total, 2 different hablogroups??

    Wanted to share our families ydna results. It has been quite the journey to say the least far from over but scientifically we have come close. Our families settled in the Ethiopian Bale area for generations but are originally from Northern Somalia. Not sure what took them there but from talks...
  5. Kezira

    Gaas: People of Sool and Sanaag will never seperate from us

    He said Jeegaan can leave but never with Warsangeli or Dhulbahante! Somaliland recognition is failure!
  6. Karim

    Jeeganistan Finally release their misbehaved Dhulos servant.

    They should've kept him in that cell for eternity. This is him in 2017 campaigning for Dhuso Biixi: "Muuse Biixi waa Darwiish..." :susp:
  7. ladySomal206

    GENETICS DNA questions-J1

    Asc, A newbie here and wanted to come on here for a sense of direction. We recently took a YDNA test for several people in our family as we migrated to Ethiopia (Bale) 3-6 generations ago from northern Somalia. Not sure if it was due to war or other reasons but our families held tight to being...
  8. Karim

    Somaliland admits that Laascaanood is gradually slipping from their hands

  9. Kaligiiduul

    I’m From Tukaraq... Ask me any Qauestions in regards to the War, Region etc...

    Open forum for Questions:) A local Tukaraqian here..
  10. Buraanbur911

    Dabacasar ruqyah on Reer Las Anod and curses Jeegaan except West Burco

    Full live: Sheikh dabacasar gave reer Dhulo and Warsans a heads up to secure their land that interests the isaaq and MJ’s. He also prayed for himself, Nimco and boqor buurmadow for the mistreatment they faced in SL yet he still goes ham on them on Facebook live :dead: