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Heavy gunfire between Galmudug forces and Ahlu Sunna militias in Dhuusomareeb

Samaalic Era

The USC wasn't just HG, It was a Hawiye coalition including the fake ones like xawaadles. Anyways, he conquered Jubaland from you and you got slaughtered in that war just like Aideed was defeated and humiliated in Galkacyo. Aideed wasn't looting your people? lmaoooo you're a troll. If Aideed killed your family you will still support him. Either way, he died as a loser and got shot by a 14 year old boy who was from the same tribe as him. May Allah bless that boy, he got rid of a dirt bag and saved more innocent lives who could have been killed by that dirtbag scum called Caydiid. My whole point is, Caydiid failed and was defeated, got killed by a 14 year old boy and is now probably in Al Haawiyah which is said to be the lowest level of hell.
If we were defeated, how come our land and power has increased

Seems very contradictory sxb:mjohreally:
Lol ppl still debating that loser Morgan and his ragtag militia who lost to Sacad teenagers :icon lol: even Cali Mahdi and the rest of HAG can't take credit for that. Every video and intel about the Civil War with the utter defeat of Afwayne points to 3 men, Caydiid, Qaybdiid and Cismaan Caato. Foh.

'Aydiid's power reached a peak in April 1992 when he countered a lightning offensive of Siyaad Barre's Somali National Front (SNF) which reached almost to the gates of the capital, and drove the former dictator back across the Kenya border into exile. "Interim President" Ali Mahdi, apparently unable to digest the prospect of a temporary alliance with his rival 'Aydiid, abstained from the battle. Aydiid thus took credit for the ultimate defeat of Somalia's biggest bogeyman, and gained in stature accordingly. He rode the wave of popularity until his battle against American and UN forces in 1993.
Can the lil Cali Saleebaan weasel please direct his energy into freeing his 2 acres of land from ISIS and stop discussing matters way beyond his comprehension.