1. Pastoralist

    He finally figured out exercising his fingers on Twitter isn’t the way

  2. New World

    What is going on with HSM wanting to make changes to the constitution

    Does anyone have more information
  3. Manafesto

    Shameless Farmaajo online Cayaayan Worshippers(CBB) claim he paid Puntland education exam expenses !!

  4. Manafesto

    Qatar rejects support for Farmajo's campaign and any candidate allied to him?

    Qatar rejects support for Farmajo campaign and candidates allied to him?
  5. Manafesto

    OPINION Former Somali Defense minister " You can't compare Deni to Farmaajo, Deni's achievement and performance in PL makes him the best man for the job"

    I will try to summerize this long interview by the former defence minister of TFG Indhacade on Deni's presidential race to Villa Somalia. Indhacade starts with that Farmaajo and his N&N operate as a ruthless Mafia group, Indhacade adds that Siciid Deni can't be compared to Farmaajo since Deni...
  6. Manafesto

    NEWS Farmaajo wasn't charged for extrajudicial Egocentrism, Division, Fake FMS elections dictatorship, corruption, attempting coup and unlawful power grab. We all know heard of the extrajudicial murders and assinations carried out by Farmaajo in Mogdushu last...
  7. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS Somalia's Former Attorney General Files a lawsuit against EX President Farmajo at the ICC for the Murder of Ikran Tahlil and AAW Security detail

    A Former Attorney General Files a lawsuit against President Farmajo at the ICC Hargeisa (SD) – Former Somali Deputy Attorney General Mukhtar Nur Abukar says he filed a lawsuit against the Somali president at the International Criminal Court (ICC). In an interview with Goobjoog TV, The former...
  8. Manafesto

    NEWS SouthWest Elders demand a Federal committee to investigate Farmaajo's use of Ethiopian forces to massacre them in Baydhabo and reject the SWS election

    The SouthWest tribal cheifs and it's elders held this important meeting in Mogdishu to discuss the upcoming election of the country, the elders all agreed on three important issues both the FGS and the clan should focus on working on to save the SWS region from further war and mayhem among the...
  9. Manafesto

    UPDATE The federal government of Somalia has opposed a proposal by the African Union report to reduce the number of African Union troops in the country

    The federal government of Somalia and its mandate-less Banadir warlord Farmaajo has opposed a proposal by the African Union report to reduce the number of African Union troops in the country, terming the recommendations as “devoid of realities. Ex-cabbie Farmaajo hails from a minority and...
  10. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS Norway's plan to build monument for Somalia's worst president Farmajo at Mogadishu Stadium sparks online Outrage

    Thanks to you fucking Norway, for accepting the incompetent Apostate Farmaajo's offer to build a statue for the worst president in Somalia's modern history to reminisce his Aabo and protege XaarBarre one more time, I guess these foreigners will reward any leader serves them better than others...
  11. Manafesto

    NEWS Presidential candidate Fowsiya calls out former Pres.Farmaajo's abuse of power and interference in picking MPs from Somaliland

    2:30 Let us not forget that this fraud and imposter used to shake her flat butt for Farmaajo untill she was implicated trying to deposit the national assets of Somalia in an oversees acct and she was replaced. Now this Farmaajo used condom women wants to have a say in SL MP selection and...
  12. ق

    OPINION Would Farmajo resort to violence like his mentor Abiy Ahmed?

    March 15, 2021 By Abdirahman Hashi (Burhan) Although both Ethiopia and Kenya are Somalia’s historical enemies and have Somali territories under their control, nevertheless Ethiopia had robbed more land and people from Somalia than Kenya. Since the 16th century, Ethiopias expansionist strategy...
  13. 486th President

    Farmaajo goes to Nandos

    Our President decides that the McDonald's Of Somalia was not good enough so he built fitty :fittytousand: different Nandos locations across Somalia... he himself decides to feed them as well. Could he do this for votes maybe? Could be. But, he is feeding our great nation instead. Who else is...
  14. Milano Ahmed

    NEWS Farmaajo gives his reasoning for continuity

  15. 486th President

    Farmaajo Blue Button Meme (Meme Template)

    No One: Not even the Sky: Farmaajo: meme template for whoever wants to make a meme with it :mjcry:
  16. Milano Ahmed

    NEWS Somali Federal Government and FMS disputes [Mega thread]

  17. 486th President

    So I edited a pic of Farmaajo...

    I learn how to photoshop and this is what I do.... what am I doing with my life... -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->
  18. Gucci Bucket Hat

    One of Farmaajo’s Biggest Achievements while in Office

    Getting his hairline back, a man who recovers his hairline back deserves some respect :salute::lolbron: