1. Karim

    Breaking News The End of Khayre and Nabad & Nolol.

    Apparently, Farmaajo has been planning to uproot Khayre for months. The parliament is drafting a no-confidence motion against the PM and his government. The next couple of days will be chaotic for Khayre and his cabinet. N&N is no more.
  2. One Star To Rule Them All

    Somaliland and Somalia unity may happen.
  3. F

    Farmaajo vs Farmaajo v.2

  4. Warwaaqsame

    Somaliland 1960

    Did Somaliland set conditions, when they were uniting with the south? As you guys know all the African countries accepted the colonial borders. So i wanna know if they set conditions such as if they can pullout of the union, with their former British Somaliland territory, using the colonial...
  5. Al-Burcaawi

    The Story of Farmaajo and the airport

    "Alrighty there you go saheeb, make sure to build a functional airport with that money now. It's an honor to waste money on a dead country" "Thank you sir, I will make Somalia great again!" Meanwhile in Villa Somalia... "Ayo my niggas listen up. We just got a fat check of 4,5 million...
  6. Al-Burcaawi

    Mashallah Farmaajo is working hard

    to divide khat bundles while topless! I'm sure that room smelled like Nacalad and Nijaas too:silanyolaugh:
  7. Exodus

    Who is an alternative to Farmaajo?

    I see a lot of hatred towards Farmaajo, and regardless of your opinion of him, I have not seen anyone campaign for any alternatives to him. It's easy to complain, but come up with another candidate who would be better. Who do you think would be best for Somalia as a whole in the next elections?
  8. NoSafety

    Mr. Cheese got HUMILIATED in Eritrea

    They put the Eri and Ethio president's pics on the same level but Mr. Cheese's one was put lower :ftw9nwa: What a cucked nation :yloezpe:
  9. tyrannicalmanager

    faisal warabe: farmaajo wants to handover port to ethiopia :gucciwhat: when sl politicians cares more about somalia's ports than N&N.
  10. F

    Farmaajo vs Farmaajo.

  11. DRACO

    Disgraced journalist Cabdimalik Coldoon to be prosecuted .

    Coldoon was running a Breitbart News-like agency, spewing out propaganda / inciting violence against Somaliland and small organisations like Abaarso school. Coldoon Charged with Serious Crimes: Libel & Defamation against Abaarso College + Incitement of Violence Against Somaliland Govt. والفتنة...
  12. F

    Somalia's oil auction takes a wrong turn.

    So this guy claims that Farmaajo and his government are criminals and tries to scare off the investors :damn::patrice:
  13. F

    Somalia has become more corrupt since 2016

    Nabad iyo nolol crew what's going on? I thought Farmaajo was atleast better than Hassan sheekh.
  14. CanIDimo

    NSFW graphic content: bombing in xaarmar, TV presenter dead

    xaarmar is a crazy place. well known tv presenter Awil Dahir Salad was the target. al shabaab is on a roll lately. just thought i would share this.
  15. Bilal410


    Nothing can stand up against people power. Ethiopian soldiers and their darod lackies have been driven out of the city and the city is in the hands of its people.
  16. SLMan990

    Farmaajo fails Audit miserably. US cuts funds to corrupt and fledgling Somali Military

    Looks like farmaajo has to go begging else where because Trump closed the taps. Damn, must suck to get cucked twice; first with the muslim ban and now this. And by Trump out of all people...
  17. Kratos

    Farmaajo vs Al-Shabaab

    Came across this interview of Farmaajo: At around the 0:04 second mark the presenter mentioned he vowed to get rid of Al-Shabaab within two years. Does anyone know when he said this? Was it a campaign promise? Also does anyone know wtf he was smoking when he said this?
  18. Karim

    FARMAAAAJO is officially a HAG prisoner. WTF is wrong with him?!!

    He appointed several significant positions for the Hawiye tribe to please them. The FGS is no longer based on 4.5 system.. from now on is Hawiye.5| Look at his embarrassing new appointees: 1-Dr. Aamina Siciid Cali new Chief of Staff.: Beesha Hawiye/Habrgidir/Sacad. 2- S/Gaas Daahir Aadan Cilmi...