1. ق

    OPINION Would Farmajo resort to violence like his mentor Abiy Ahmed?

    March 15, 2021 By Abdirahman Hashi (Burhan) Although both Ethiopia and Kenya are Somalia’s historical enemies and have Somali territories under their control, nevertheless Ethiopia had robbed more land and people from Somalia than Kenya. Since the 16th century, Ethiopias expansionist strategy...
  2. 486th President

    Farmaajo goes to Nandos

    Our President decides that the McDonald's Of Somalia was not good enough so he built fitty :fittytousand: different Nandos locations across Somalia... he himself decides to feed them as well. Could he do this for votes maybe? Could be. But, he is feeding our great nation instead. Who else is...
  3. 486th President

    Farmaajo Blue Button Meme (Meme Template)

    No One: Not even the Sky: Farmaajo: meme template for whoever wants to make a meme with it :mjcry:
  4. 486th President

    So I edited a pic of Farmaajo...

    I learn how to photoshop and this is what I do.... what am I doing with my life... -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->
  5. Gucci Bucket Hat

    One of Farmaajo’s Biggest Achievements while in Office

    Getting his hairline back, a man who recovers his hairline back deserves some respect :salute::lolbron:
  6. Enlightenednomad

    NEWS Somalia Federal States Football Cup: Official Thread

    The last group stage match ended in a draw between PL & SWS ended in a draw which means Jubaland is eliminated. Galmudug scored a later winner against Hirshabelle leaving the latter at the bottom of the group. It'll be Puntland vs Galmudug - Southwest State vs Banadir in semis for...
  7. OffTheDome

    N&N and Aabo Siyaadists are now calling Farmaajo “Rasulullah” (Messenger of God)

    Wtf is wrong with these people, They would give up their Deen in the name of Somali Nationalism Fuckin Murtads, May Allah guide them or break their backs
  8. 486th President

    [POLL] Donald Trump VS Farmaajo who wins in a boxing match

    We have our handsome and beautiful daddy Farmaajo We also have the chad and noble peace winner and very thick Donald Trump
  9. Helios

    N&N vs Federalists

  10. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS UN Urges All FMS Leaders To Come to Dhusamareeb

    W for Failmaajo it seems :mjlaugh:
  11. Karim

    BREAKING NEWS The End of Khayre and Nabad & Nolol.

    Apparently, Farmaajo has been planning to uproot Khayre for months. The parliament is drafting a no-confidence motion against the PM and his government. The next couple of days will be chaotic for Khayre and his cabinet. N&N is no more.
  12. Invader

    Somaliland and Somalia unity may happen.
  13. F

    Farmaajo vs Farmaajo v.2

  14. Warwaaqsame

    Somaliland 1960

    Did Somaliland set conditions, when they were uniting with the south? As you guys know all the African countries accepted the colonial borders. So i wanna know if they set conditions such as if they can pullout of the union, with their former British Somaliland territory, using the colonial...
  15. Al-Burcaawi

    The Story of Farmaajo and the airport

    "Alrighty there you go saheeb, make sure to build a functional airport with that money now. It's an honor to waste money on a dead country" "Thank you sir, I will make Somalia great again!" Meanwhile in Villa Somalia... "Ayo my niggas listen up. We just got a fat check of 4,5 million...