1. Helios

    CBB design app to coordinate Trolling

  2. Helios

    Big N&N Bots Exposed

    This man exposed @KingYusuf for his blatant qabyaalad and this tranny 'Leila' that larps as a girl
  3. Helios

    NN take on Khalid ibn Al Walid & Janan

  4. Helios

    Another N&N Tranny Spewing Hate

    Has a Sudanese woman in his dp :mjlol:
  5. OffTheDome

    N&N and Aabo Siyaadists are now calling Farmaajo “Rasulullah” (Messenger of God)

    Wtf is wrong with these people, They would give up their Deen in the name of Somali Nationalism Fuckin Murtads, May Allah guide them or break their backs
  6. Helios

    N&N bots are Trannies

    Shameless niggas are larping as girls to get more attention on their accounts :dead1::dead1:
  7. Karim

    BREAKING NEWS The End of Khayre and Nabad & Nolol.

    Apparently, Farmaajo has been planning to uproot Khayre for months. The parliament is drafting a no-confidence motion against the PM and his government. The next couple of days will be chaotic for Khayre and his cabinet. N&N is no more.
  8. Awdalia Rising

    Did N&N Troll Farm Center Catch Corona?

    I have not seen the usual bots Nomand, Aarlibaax @Dues Ex Machete and @embarassing for quite some time. Did the N&N troll center get hit by the coronavirus ? :silanyolaugh:
  9. Karim

    Heavy gunfire between Galmudug forces and Ahlu Sunna militias in Dhuusomareeb

  10. tyrannicalmanager


    this is were reer mogadishu tax money goes to.:draketf:
  11. tyrannicalmanager

    somalia has become more dangerous under N&N regime

    for longtime we had N&N propagandist telling about the progress that N&N made in security, now we know it was nothing but a big fat lie.
  12. tyrannicalmanager

    faisal warabe: farmaajo wants to handover port to ethiopia

    https://www.mustaqbalradio.net/fasal-cali-waraabefarmaajo-waxa-uu-doonayaa-in-dekadeenaha-uu-ku-wareejo-itoobiya/amp/?__twitter_impression=true :gucciwhat: when sl politicians cares more about somalia's ports than N&N.