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  1. Awdalia Rising

    Did N&N Troll Farm Center Catch Corona?

    I have not seen the usual bots Nomand, Aarlibaax @Dues Ex Machete and @embarassing for quite some time. Did the N&N troll center get hit by the coronavirus ? :silanyolaugh:
  2. tyrannicalmanager


    this is were reer mogadishu tax money goes to.:draketf:
  3. tyrannicalmanager

    somalia has become more dangerous under N&N regime

    for longtime we had N&N propagandist telling about the progress that N&N made in security, now we know it was nothing but a big fat lie.
  4. tyrannicalmanager

    faisal warabe: farmaajo wants to handover port to ethiopia

    https://www.mustaqbalradio.net/fasal-cali-waraabefarmaajo-waxa-uu-doonayaa-in-dekadeenaha-uu-ku-wareejo-itoobiya/amp/?__twitter_impression=true :gucciwhat: when sl politicians cares more about somalia's ports than N&N.