Ethiopia and Djibouti should speerhead the development of Lawya'ado, Borama and Jigjiga road


This road will benefit all Somalis. It's part of a wide range of projects in creating many corridors in the Horn of Africa.
Did you know ilma Jeegaan are against this? They refuse any development in the lands of the people that inhabit Awdal. Yet they reiterate Muh Somaliland Somaliland waa la wada leeyahay. You would think people that share a country together would want their fellow countrymen to develop too. The Jeegaani syndrome I call it:

PM Abiy and Ismaciil Geele have already sealed the deal with the Mogadishu administration and Muuse Bixii. The thing is Somaliland administration or so they make themselves seem are also behind the implementation of this project, but why was Somaliland not part of the signatory process? Did you know that it was Mogadishu who signed the Berbera port deal and not no Muse Handarab. So behind all that chest beating the one truly in power of signing deals is only the Mogadishu adminstration, but to save face the Jeegaani's make it seem like they initiated the project.

This is again proof that Jeegani's don't really hold any power when it comes to initiating mega projects.

Finally Samaroon will be reunited once again. The one in Addis or Metehara or Hawady can visit his relative in Borama and Lowyacado and even Djibouti. People at large will be connected faster and more efficient. Also ilma Jeegaan will benefit as transport will be made more easy. Ilma Jeegaan should support this project and drain their brains from the khat they devour each morning afternoon and night. It is clouding their judgement.

I believe this project is part of a wider corridor projects financed by EU Bank, African Development Bank and others for greater infrastructure and roads in the Horn. As you can read below:

It's all about integrating the Horn.
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As you can read here and I have much more proof that this is part of a wider Somaliland projects. Then why the Jeegani tears flowed through the internet and into my computers hardware?

Any Jeegaani here that wants to explain the animosity towards this project. Ilma Jeegaan?