1. angelplan

    Djibouti somalis dancing on another LEVEL

  2. A

    Genetics Djiboutian (Dir, Samaroon, Maxamed Case) DNA results on 23andme

    I found these results. Dir, Samaroon, Maxamed Case subclan from Djibouti 99.9 Northeast African 99.2% Somali Y-DNA - T-M70 mtDNA - L3 There are already many Makahil and one Habar Cafaan who had similar Y-DNA's. But first Maxamed Case subclan on 23andme.
  3. One Star To Rule Them All

    Happy Independence Djibouti!

    27th of June 1977 we were the last colony of France. We liberated our country and had 43 years of peace Djibouti Ha Noolato
  4. JohnQ

    Djibouti ambassador defends discrimination towards Africans in China

    When that debt trap got your folks doing the niiko for China @Kingcobra
  5. Kingcobra

    Djibouti Sodium bromide factory

    Cost: $80m Export value: $200m-$225m
  6. angelplan

    Djibouti WINS - Kenya takes an L

    KENYA :damn::dead::dead1::deadmanny::damedamn:
  7. HMuuse

    Another Somali promoted to minister of Ethiopia

    from deputy Minister to Minister of Health , Ethiopia. We welcome our sister to the Ministry of Health of the Federal Government of Ethiopia. Wasiirka Caafimaadka Dawlad Federaalka Ethiopia oo loo magacaabey Dr. Saxarla oo ka soo jeeda beesha Samaroon waxay hore u ahayd Wasiir Kuxigenka...
  8. angelplan

    Multiculturalism is working in Djibouti

    Diversity is our STRENGHT
  9. Kezira

    Nice new school built in Gobka, Gabiley

    By the Bahabar Cabdalla community
  10. S

    African games in Morocco.

    Results: ADEN-ALEXANDRE Houssein, 21 years old won the bronze medal in taekwondo. ( His mum is french). SOULEIMAN HASSAN Ayanleh, 26 years old won the silver medal in the 1500m race. Unfortunately no medals for Somalia but in shaa allah kheir for our football teams.
  11. angelplan

    The world’s biggest military base

  12. CaliTedesse

    Shining light on the history of the progenitor Samaale

    I will shine light on the history of Samaale. The originator of many Somali's, the source of the name Somali. Who was a noble Arab man. Are you ready? First I want you to grab a koob of shaah and relax. Now behold: You must be wondering what is all this ARABIC GIBBERISH? Tranquillo mi...
  13. Kezira

    Awdal elders: We will not take part in Jeegaanland (Somaliland) election

    War Deg Deg ah Salaadiinta Gobolada Awdal Iyo Salal Ayaa U Quusgooyey Madaxtooyada S/land "Madaxtooyada S/land Ayeyna Doorasho Awdal iyo Salal Ka Dhacda Ku Xisaabtamin"
  14. CaliTedesse

    Our Arab brothers are with us

  15. Kezira

    Ethiopia and Djibouti should speerhead the development of Lawya'ado, Borama and Jigjiga road

    This road will benefit all Somalis. It's part of a wide range of projects in creating many corridors in the Horn of Africa. Did you know ilma Jeegaan are against this? They refuse any development in the lands of the people that inhabit Awdal. Yet they reiterate Muh Somaliland Somaliland waa la...
  16. Al-Burcaawi

    does nfd have a flag??

    aight so hear me out: us landers got a flag: ✔️ our wanlaweynistani brothers got a flag: ✔️ our french fries up north west got a flag: ✔️ even our dhaanto expert niggas got a flag: ✔️ but then when we go south i realize that our nfd homies got NO FUXKIN FLAG OF THEIR OWN. whats going on? plz...
  17. Kezira

    Somali Djiboutian runner Ayanleh Souleiman sets new record

    Destroying Kenyan runner behind him :russ: Ayanleh Souleiman of Djibouti was awaiting the 1000 meters before the race. "The meeting record is 2:19? That will be easy, ”he said at a press conference on Friday. A day later, he showed great performance and enough confidence. In time 2: 16.51...
  18. CaliTedesse

    Somali penunsila used to be called NEW ARABIA

    The Northern part called Ayen(Ajuran??) and sometimes NEW ARABIA. It comprehends the dominions of Brava, New Mogadixio, Adea and Adel.
  19. CaliTedesse

    I am liking the sound of Kush

    It rings sweetness to my ears and soul. I just feel part of it. Like I've been seperated from this term for centuries. it is my identity. I am Kush, I breath Kush, I live Kush. My dream is Kush. My life is Kush. I long for Kush. I die for Kush. Who am I? I am Kush. صومال ابن كوش...
  20. CaliTedesse

    Arab Unity Roadmap

    Uploaded May 24 2013 Phase I Finalizing a common currency in both regions of the Arab Federation of Nations (The Maghrib and the Mashriq). The 6 GCC members (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and the UAE), along with the Kingdom of Morocco and Algeria would unite under a higher body...