1. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS Djiboutian citizen & YouTuber arrested in Somaliland for criticizing Ismail Omar Guelleh and is extradited to Djibouti 4 torture

    Djiboutian citizen arrested in Somaliland for criticizing Ismail Omar Guelleh
  2. Interested

    Is this really Djibouti?

    :wow1:For a tiny country like that, surely this this can't be just a bad angle, That too with a total population of about one million? Countries with those kind of population are in league of their own..doing much much better..Soomaali ILaah baa umaqan.
  3. Z

    NEWS Djibouti Intelligence Service Allegedly Buys Israeli Spyware from CIA - nytimes
  4. angelplan

    CUISINE How Yemeni fish became multicultural Djibouti's national dish

  5. angelplan

    HISTORY Stories on stones: The hidden rock engravings of Abourma in Djibouti

    In french language In english language
  6. Galmudug-State

    President Abdi Kaariye lands in Djibouti after invitation

    The Djiboutians sujood for us. This is disgusting. They do this because Galmudug has proven gas and oil. Djibouti is a small gaajo country with no water, Galmudug is 10x bigger than it. I am starting to realize that HG is special and different to the rest of Somali's. We have vision and can...
  7. Helios

    A Rational Solution to SL?

    Smart nigga but this Mr @Waaqooyi guy stole my pfp :icon e confused: I want to hear from Gaddabursi though, @Sophisticate given the practical circumstances would you rather see Awdal as part of Djibouti or an exclave of Somalia? :cosbyhmm: Tldr (very rough map) Puntland imo should be...
  8. Helios

    Massive Potential Oil Spill in the Red Sea Very interesting this spill could be catastrophic.
  9. angelplan

    Don't try to vlog in Djibouti (My experience in the most camera-phobic country I've ever visited)

    The hustle is strong on those djiboutians :damn::dead1::deadmanny::damn:
  10. Invader

    Djiboutian accent. (Asking Questions)

  11. angelplan

    Djibouti somalis dancing on another LEVEL

  12. A

    GENETICS Djiboutian (Dir, Samaroon, Maxamed Case) DNA results on 23andme

    I found these results. Dir, Samaroon, Maxamed Case subclan from Djibouti 99.9 Northeast African 99.2% Somali Y-DNA - T-M70 mtDNA - L3 There are already many Makahil and one Habar Cafaan who had similar Y-DNA's. But first Maxamed Case subclan on 23andme.
  13. Invader

    Happy Independence Djibouti!

    27th of June 1977 we were the last colony of France. We liberated our country and had 43 years of peace Djibouti Ha Noolato
  14. JohnQ

    Djibouti ambassador defends discrimination towards Africans in China

    When that debt trap got your folks doing the niiko for China @Kingcobra
  15. 2

    DJIBOUTI Sodium bromide factory

    Cost: $80m Export value: $200m-$225m
  16. angelplan

    Djibouti WINS - Kenya takes an L

    KENYA :damn::dead::dead1::deadmanny::damedamn: