1. Calaami

    DDS football tournament underway in JIGJIGA

    Tie game, was hoping Doollo would get the W:ivers: The kits are sick. Wasaarada isboortiga of DDS went all out, Doollo kit here Is anyone else keeping up with the DDS footie tournaments? they have been popping up all over Facebook. The arena is lit as well.:ahh:
  2. Helios

    NEWS Awareness Campaign to end FGM kicks off in Jigjiga

    We need more Sheikhs to come out and schools to educate against this vile practice
  3. Kezira

    Big Win: African Development Bank visits Awdal

    For the Lawyacado Borama Jigjiga road.
  4. Kezira

    Ethiopia and Djibouti should speerhead the development of Lawya'ado, Borama and Jigjiga road

    This road will benefit all Somalis. It's part of a wide range of projects in creating many corridors in the Horn of Africa. Did you know ilma Jeegaan are against this? They refuse any development in the lands of the people that inhabit Awdal. Yet they reiterate Muh Somaliland Somaliland waa la...
  5. Suldaanka

    Former Somali President is facing criminal charges

    Mahlet Fasil Addis Abeba, February 15/2019 – Judges at the federal High Court 4th Criminal Bench here in the capital have, today, accepted federal prosecutors’ request to withhold list of witnesses from the defense team in high profile criminal case involving former Somali regional state...
  6. CaliTedesse

    NEW Ethiopian representative to Somaliland, Shamsudin Rooble.

    Ethiopia chooses Shamsudin Rooble from the noble Harawo people as representative to Somaliland
  7. Saalax Bidaar

    Cooldoons’ Road trip: Burco to Jigjiga via Gaashamo


    Jigjiga Looks Great

    Jigjiga Stadium looks as good or better then Mogadishu Will need to drop by that town some time in the future!!!
  9. Xooshdheere

    The Capture of Jigjiga, September 24th

    On this day, September 24th, 1977, Ogaden rebels capture Jijiga.
  10. Madaxkuti

    Harta Sheekh in top 5 biggest cities/towns in DDSI

    Judging by google maps harta sheekh is the same size or maybe slightly bigger than Qabri Bayax meaning its now in the top 5 towns In ddsi? 1. Jigjiga 2. Godey 3. Qabridahar 4. Dhagaxbuur 5. Qabri Bayax/Harta Sheekh Feel free to edit and add more to the list
  11. Jungle79

    Jigjiga Thee Beautiful.....

    Ethiopian-Somali Region capital city Jigjiga the beautiful.... More to come.. Stay tuned.. ;-)
  12. Jungle79

    Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway line and Stations almost complete. Really beautiful. Please watch