1. Netflix

    Somali travellers, where have you been in Somaliweyn, and what was your most memorable experience?

    Feel free to go in-depth with your stories.
  2. Calaami

    Awdal-born professor breaks down the situation between SL and Awdal

    Interview broken into easily digestible chunks of audio in this Twitter thread.
  3. L

    Ethiopia declaring they want to get rid of liyu police

    Asc and ramadan mubarak my waryas and fellow sisters😅 I wanted to get your thoughts and this breaking news going on around the past days, Ethiopia wanting to get rid of liyu police. We know abiy took onlf off from the terror list groups and made them officially national or ethnical “heroes”...
  4. Thegoodshepherd

    British expert explains the SSC-Somaliland conflict

  5. Thegoodshepherd

    Something I noticed many SNM supporters say which I find funny

    You hear many SNM people say: If Harti want to draw a clan based border in Sool, Sanaag and Togdheer, why don't they first take back the land they inhabit in Ethiopia? It is a funny thing to say because it compares Somaliland to Ethiopia. Harti can't defeat Ethiopia militarily, if Harti could...
  6. 0117


    The Government of Somaliland has developed successive development plans to ad- dress its national development challenges. The National Development Plan (NDP III, 2023-2027) is a medium-term strategy designed to unlock the country's potential in all sectors of the economy to achieve...
  7. S

    Finest Somali men thread (on Social Media)

    Alot of people like to insult Somalis for our looks, whether men or women, but theirs attractive and less attractive people in every single group Some people are just more taller or shorter, some are more skinny, whilst others may be more fat. Not every single English white guy looks like Henry...
  8. Manafesto

    Somaliland authorities plan to ban Somalis & Non-Somalilanders to receive charity donations or panhandle on the streets of the breakaway region

    Lol, La Xawla, Wala Quwat, last year the apartheid and the clean enclave denied a Somali women who was born in the triangle to get a Somaliland passport. Then this was followed Somaliland authorities raiding and deporting Somali citizens to Somalia with a force and using intimidation and now...
  9. Manafesto

    Somaliland administration hands over wanted prisoners in Boorame to Puntland authorities at the border

    Wada shaqyn wacan, the NW FMS state called Somaliand didn't mention what the prisoners are charged in Puntland nor did he commented how they ended up in Boorame.
  10. Manafesto

    Somaliland Gov invites a Norwegian Pedophile to Hargeisa Cultural week to teach the Somali culture to participants

    These people would do any thing for a recognition, they invited LGBT advocate last year, then it was a Priest from an African country and this year a Norwegian Pedophile is addressing and teaching the Somali culture to them,like Really, what does this pedo knows about Somalis and their...
  11. Manafesto

    The United States scolds Somaliland for ‘undermining’ press freedom

    US scolds Somaliland for ‘undermining’ press freedom
  12. Manafesto

    The electoral dispute and the mediation failures in Somaliland are part of President Muse Bihi’s plan for extension

    The electoral dispute and the mediation failures In Somaliland are part of President Bihi’s plan for extension
  13. Velœcity

    Should Somalia join the British commonwealth?

    There’s been talk recently about if Somalia should join the British commonwealth what do you guys think?
  14. Thegoodshepherd

    NEWS US Ambassador to Somalia, Larry André, interviewed about Somaliland.

    Fairly interesting interview. It seems the US is not interested in going back to the "Dual Track" approach to Somalia. They are willing to work with FMS like Somaliland within limited bounds. After reading this, I would not be surprised if the Berbera base being floated were brought before the...
  15. Manafesto

    Somaliland administration planning to set up another tribal adherence meeting in Widhwidhb tomorrow for Sool tribal chiefs similar to Ceerigaabo one

    This is latest news I am hearing from both loyak and SL hardliners, they are pulling the same trick they did in Ceerigaabo last month with Sanaag's elite tribal cheifs, the whole puprosed of this stunt is to have the Sool elders and cheifs take pictures while the SL flag is in the background...
  16. Manafesto

    SNM founder's eldest son found slayed and killed in his house in Hargeisa Somaliland

    Rumors are saying Muse Bihi is behind the poor victim death and assassination,so far the SNM led administration of Somaliland has not said a word on the slaying of the SNM founders eldest son.
  17. Manafesto

    Somaliland president, opposition parties meet again without results partly due to the president’s refusal to hold the presidential election on time

    Somaliland president, opposition parties meet again without results HARGEISA (SD) – The traditional leaders mediating the electoral dispute between President Muse Bihi Abdi and the official national opposition parties met in Hargeisa today. The meeting did not yield any results, partly due to...
  18. Manafesto

    Somaliland immigration forces started massive deportations & round up of Somali/Oromos and back to Ethiopia per the orders of Ethiopian PM Abiya

    This is unacceptable and is against the international law of refugees and immigrant rights, these people are mostly women and children(Maato) and they are fleeing a civil war or war zone in Ethiopia and instead of accommodating them SL admin is rounding them up and robbing out of their...
  19. Manafesto

    Bossaso and Puntland business community and civilians donate a quarter of a Million $ to Hargeisa Somaliland Waheen market

    Mashalah, Bossaso community has been fundraising for Hargeisa Waheen market tragic fire, this is one of many donations and contributions the Puntland community civilians and traders has contributed to help rebuild the market. Puntlanders are generous and kind community to their fellow Somalis...