1. Thegoodshepherd

    4 dead Somaliland soldiers found in Boholaha Xargaga

    7 months after the smashing victory at Goojacade, Somaliland’s dead are still being found. Youth of Las Anod are now searching more hiding places along togga Xargaga for Somaliland bakhti. Aun
  2. Pastoralist

    Turks irritated at secessionist fake news

    Translation: “In their hatred against Turkey, they reached the point of forging a statement in the name of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and publishing it on social media sites with the aim of inciting against Turkey!!”
  3. Thegoodshepherd

    Federalism is likely finished if Ethiopia recognizes Somaliland

    If Ethiopia recognizes Somaliland, imo <10% chance of this happening, federalism is finished. Recognition of Somaliland by Ethiopia, followed by the creation of an Ethiopian navy stationed on the Gulf of Aden, would transform federalism into a suicide pact. The only option at that point would be...
  4. Pastoralist

    Egypt delivers condemnation to Ethiopia.

    Where’s the so called arabs here to read this? All jokes aside translation is below. Can someone who is politically savvy decipher how much support we can count on? "Egypt emphasizes the importance of fully respecting the unity and sovereignty of the sisterly Federal Republic of Somalia...
  5. Thegoodshepherd

    Somaliland unable to pay its members of parliament

    UCID party spokesperson admits that Somaliland has not been paying its MPs. It is no wonder that Isaaq is auctioning off so much public land in Hargaysa. The gov is very strapped for cash. Isaaq seem to have been pushed to their fiscal limits by the 6 month war with Dhulbahante. The so called...
  6. Thegoodshepherd

    Somaliland got rid of Koonfur Galbeed merchants because they could not compete

    Shameful people @Tropical Breeze @Heavy Mountains @Cartan Boos @Dharbash @Yusuf Abdi Ali Rashid @Ozark @Bo$$man
  7. Thegoodshepherd

    Somaliland’s finance minister: We spent $1.5 million a day in the war

    Unbelievable! He admitted that SL spent $1-$2 million a day during the 6 month war in Sool. No wonder these people are in shock. They really left nothing in the tank, that was all they had.
  8. Thegoodshepherd

    Somaliland’s 2nd largest city 32 years on

    Failed state
  9. Thegoodshepherd

    I greatly overestimated Somaliland's state capacity, it's hollow

    In Jan 2023, 5 days after the start of the Las Anod conflict, I predicted that the conflict in SSC won't come to end until the 2030s. I was working under a few assumptions, all of which turned out to be mistaken: Somaliland has a much larger military budget so it should be able to wage war on a...
  10. Netflix

    Somali travellers, where have you been in Somaliweyn, and what was your most memorable experience?

    Feel free to go in-depth with your stories.
  11. Calaami

    Awdal-born professor breaks down the situation between SL and Awdal

    Interview broken into easily digestible chunks of audio in this Twitter thread.
  12. L

    Ethiopia declaring they want to get rid of liyu police

    Asc and ramadan mubarak my waryas and fellow sisters😅 I wanted to get your thoughts and this breaking news going on around the past days, Ethiopia wanting to get rid of liyu police. We know abiy took onlf off from the terror list groups and made them officially national or ethnical “heroes”...
  13. Thegoodshepherd

    British expert explains the SSC-Somaliland conflict

  14. Thegoodshepherd

    Something I noticed many SNM supporters say which I find funny

    You hear many SNM people say: If Harti want to draw a clan based border in Sool, Sanaag and Togdheer, why don't they first take back the land they inhabit in Ethiopia? It is a funny thing to say because it compares Somaliland to Ethiopia. Harti can't defeat Ethiopia militarily, if Harti could...
  15. 0117


    The Government of Somaliland has developed successive development plans to ad- dress its national development challenges. The National Development Plan (NDP III, 2023-2027) is a medium-term strategy designed to unlock the country's potential in all sectors of the economy to achieve...
  16. S

    Finest Somali men thread (on Social Media)

    Alot of people like to insult Somalis for our looks, whether men or women, but theirs attractive and less attractive people in every single group Some people are just more taller or shorter, some are more skinny, whilst others may be more fat. Not every single English white guy looks like Henry...
  17. Manafesto

    Somaliland authorities plan to ban Somalis & Non-Somalilanders to receive charity donations or panhandle on the streets of the breakaway region

    Lol, La Xawla, Wala Quwat, last year the apartheid and the clean enclave denied a Somali women who was born in the triangle to get a Somaliland passport. Then this was followed Somaliland authorities raiding and deporting Somali citizens to Somalia with a force and using intimidation and now...
  18. Manafesto

    Somaliland administration hands over wanted prisoners in Boorame to Puntland authorities at the border

    Wada shaqyn wacan, the NW FMS state called Somaliand didn't mention what the prisoners are charged in Puntland nor did he commented how they ended up in Boorame.
  19. Manafesto

    Somaliland Gov invites a Norwegian Pedophile to Hargeisa Cultural week to teach the Somali culture to participants

    These people would do any thing for a recognition, they invited LGBT advocate last year, then it was a Priest from an African country and this year a Norwegian Pedophile is addressing and teaching the Somali culture to them,like Really, what does this pedo knows about Somalis and their...