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    Somaliland Journalist Rageh Omar vows to do something about the recognition of SL region of Somalia

    Let us hope Rageh Omar can do something about the state of Somliland, recognition is ultimate thing the region has been dying for over 3 decades.
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    China unites with Somalia against growing Taiwanese-Somaliland ties

    China unites with Somalia against growing Taiwanese-Somaliland ties
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    An Awdal based historian lists all the grievances & injustaces including massacares and land grabbings by Somaliland/SNM

    The Awdal historian lists all the grevimance. * SNM commiting of Dilla Masacre in Awdal in 91-93. * SNM take over of Samaroon towns and farms, Gebileey and such. * SL administration collecting taxes in their region and funding other regions with their tax money. * SL administration digging...
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    Oodweyne residents reject Somaliland president Bihi’s claim and lies on yesterday's address to the nation of a constructed new road in the region

    Muse Bihi's address to the traingle desert state of Somaliland yesterday was full of lies and misleading the public from the facts on the ground. The guierille warlord turned President of the seccenist region claimed that Odweyne district road was completed which was a false, the residents of...
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    Somaliland minority MP Barkhad Batun informs SL lawmakers that they are constantly intimidated by SL plain clothed officers and face threats

    Somaliland lawmakers intimidated allegedly by plain clothed officers
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    Somaliland MP suggests that the Gov should make a priority in solvinng and stoppjng the murders and assisinations in Laascaanood

    Wow, the assisinations capital of the north Laascaanood has become a hot spot for murdering Somaliland government employees and officials, many soldier and officials excused them selves to and asked for a transfer since the murders are done by a well organized group. Since the SL deported the...
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    Documentry follows the story of 45 Puntland & SL college students attending a prestigious PDRC post graduate program

    Any one notice the Somaliland chick proudly wearing her flag in side a PL government agency's class, Puntland is xor walabi, it is as a democratic/free as the west.
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    For 30 years a group of 50 Somaliland women were standing in line on a road in Hargeisa almost everyday hoping for manual labour jobs

    Wow, this is really sad, no one would hire these women who are seeking to find any type of work or manual labor such as house maids and etc, this reminds me of illegal Mexicans standing on the corners of America for 2$ labor work.:jcoleno: No wonder why most Somalilanders risk their lives and...
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    Somaliland and Puntland Airport's latest developments and infrastructure Comparison THREAD

    Puntland is great example,PL region alone has three international airports and two ports in operational at the same time. 1.Berbera Airport 2.Burco Airport 3.Ceerigaabo Aiport
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    Somaliland President Muse Bihi refuses to attend the funeral of former Somali Interior minister Jama M Ghalib in Hargeisa for being a Unionist

    Muse Bihi is huge hypocrite and a principles self centered pig, he refused to ettend Jamac Mohamed Qalib's funeral just 4 Km from his #VillMorgan residency in Hargeisa, let me remind you that dictator Muse Bihi didn't fail to showed up his cousin Cumar Carte funderal who was also Somaliweynist...
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    Somalilanders in Hargeisa celebrate Netherland King's birthday for recognition and show solidarity with the deceased Dutch king

    What the hell man? Why do Somalilanders are always worshiping) celebrating these foreign GAALO kings and queens? There is even Islamic sheikhs on this event. I guess these folks would do anything for an recognition and to grab the white Men's attention, instead of raising funds for Waheen...
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    OPINION Recognizing Somaliland as an independent nation will most certainly open Pandora’s box in Africa

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    NEWS Somaliland becomes the main route for Ethiopian migrants use crossing into Puntland & Somalia

    Somaliland becomes the main route for Ethiopian migrants use crossing into Puntland & Somalia The Number of Ethiopian migrants crossing to Somalia and other Gulf states has gradually increased in the past decades and Somaliland has become the main route for these migrants to use to reach their...
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    African American Muslim Football Quartback visits Somaliland and vows to match his money with anyone

    Wow what a great and amazing man, I love how some of elites African Americans didn't forget their brother back home and tries to help by giving back. 50 cent was the last famous African American to visit Somalia in Gedo during it's yearly droughts and now this gentleman is matching his money...
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    OPINION Debunking the Myth “Democracy” In Somaliland(Informative Article)

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    NEWS Somaliland Gov Sign off Berbera port inspection services to Swiss company

    Somaliland Gov Sign off Berbera port inspection services to a private & Corrupt Swiss company who use to conspire with former Pakistan PM I was surfing the net and reading Somali news and story was an interesting one,I look up this company on google and boom,I knew...
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    TRIGGER WARNING Two Somali women abuse,blackmil and torture their Ethiopian Maid live on Facebook

    They did this because she ate their kids because obviously they were starving her to death,this happened in Hargeysa, Somaliland region on the N.West of Somalia. Only if these cruel and evil Halimos knew that they are most likely related to this Oromo maid, but seriously Reer Waqoyi women are...
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    DEVELOPING NEWS Somaliland delegation to the United States of America THREAD

    The President of Somaliland and a delegation led by him will travel to the US on Saturday. The delegation consists of cabinet members, business & members of CSO. They will travel on a Somaliland passport with a visa issued by the US Embassy in Djibouti.
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    Dumb Somaliland President Muse Bihi Doesn't know who invented the AK47

    Kulahaa Ukraine invented the AK47, most regular civilians know a Russian invented this masterpiece of a gun but of course an SNA Ex pilot Muse Jaahil doesn't know this crucial piece of informationm A famous Ukrainian proverb and saying says "a dumb leader can only dictate and lead a below...
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    An NGO in Somaliland starts campaign to break the bias women face in the criminal justice system