1. Revolutionary

    Somaliland Burco is Growing and Developing at a Rapid Rate

    So i was at Zoom Earth recently and while looking at Burco i noticed massive growth in the size of the city and also development and it's overall lushness in the last 7 years. What I'll be doing is show you guys Burco in 2013 vs Burco in 2020 Here is the city of Burco in 2013 two thousand feet...
  2. OffTheDome

    Somaliland Bixin Duule, Saaxil Region

  3. Ayatiin

    Somaliland Wadani Songs

    I've been home-sick for Hargeisa nowadays. Here's heeso wadani ah for my fellow Landers. Enjoy!
  4. Helios

    Cisse Muse Suldaan Cismaan Passes Away

    AUN :wow1:
  5. Passenger

    Current Affairs Trafigura wins Ethiopia's contract for Fuel imports selects Berbera Port

    Singapore’s Trifigura Scores Nation’s Petroleum Deal Trafigura Pte, a Singaporean multinational commodity trader, won the bid to supply 1.4 million tonnes of petroleum with an estimated value of 22 billion Br for the coming year. Trafigura was selected by the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply...
  6. Helios

    A Rational Solution to SL?

    Smart nigga but this Mr @Waaqooyi guy stole my pfp :icon e confused: I want to hear from Gaddabursi though, @Sophisticate given the practical circumstances would you rather see Awdal as part of Djibouti or an exclave of Somalia? :cosbyhmm: Tldr (very rough map) Puntland imo should be...
  7. Mozart

    China strongly opposes Somaliland

    From the official Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs account If Trump's feeling petty he should grant Somaliland independence to spite China
  8. Helios

    Flood Response & Aid in Salaxley

    More money is being raised as we speak :qri8gs7::qri8gs7::qri8gs7: What the floods looked like
  9. Kezira

    The people of Berbera (Region of Somaliland) completely humiliated by Arab businessman

    I thought the people of Berbera and Hargeisa were Arab too why are they frustrated bloody hell.
  10. Warwaaqsame

    What do you guys think about VR entertainment business in Somalia?

    I wanna start a VR theme park in Somalia. Do you guys think, it's a good idea? Will it gain a lot of traction? What's the ideal location for it?
  11. Chunks

    How the UAE has control over the Gulf of Aden.

    After tensions rose between Somalia and the UAE over the problem below. UAE has begun having ties with Somaliland to hit Somalia's weak spot. This made Somalia furious because being friends with Somaliland means attacking the integrity of Somalia not acknowledging that Somaliland is a pawn...
  12. Nacnac

    Somaliland Berbera traffic signs

  13. AarHawd_7


    Results of the Egyptian delegation who visited Hargeisa yesterday. This is good news, and quite strategic one from Egyptian point of view aswell. They are about to go to war with Ethiopia, and Xarmaajo and Abyi Ahmed are boyfriends. :drakekidding:
  14. Chunks

    Somaliland and Somalia unity may happen.
  15. Helios

    Somaliland The UK Netherlands and Denmark Announce 4 Infrastructure/Development Projects in SL

    Detailed explanation of the upcoming projects Statements from the Ambassadors :qri8gs7::qri8gs7::qri8gs7:
  16. Chunks

    Why Puntland is contradictory.

    These people haven't even read the constitution and dispute areas that weren't their pre-1991 areas.:mjlol:
  17. Lordilord

    Reminder of Somaliland's legal claim to statehood

    There seem to be some new fellas here and I have to set some things straight... :ummhmm: Whereas the territories in Africa known as the Somaliland Protectorate are under Our protection: And whereas by treaty, grant, usage, sufferance and other lawful means We have power and jurisdiction in the...
  18. AarHawd_7

    Another one jailed with a blue tracksuit, this time in Gabiley!

    :pachah1: :pachah1: