1. Kezira

    Ugaas Cabdirashiid meets with Mieso elders in Addis

  2. Kezira

    Suldaan Wabar speaks

    The Somaliland SNM administration of Eydoor Jeegaan tried to oust Suldaan Wabar as official suldaan of Jibril Yoonis section of Muse Makahiil. Which has failed and Suldaan Wabar speaks on different issues within Somaliland and the injustices commited against the peoples of Awdal, Salal and...
  3. Kezira

    Ethiopia and Djibouti should speerhead the development of Lawya'ado, Borama and Jigjiga road

    This road will benefit all Somalis. It's part of a wide range of projects in creating many corridors in the Horn of Africa. Did you know ilma Jeegaan are against this? They refuse any development in the lands of the people that inhabit Awdal. Yet they reiterate Muh Somaliland Somaliland waa la...
  4. Kezira

    Sultan of Awdal send condolences to their brothers Afar.

    For the passing of the grand Afar sultan Suldaanka gobolada Awdal ,Salal iyo Gabiley oo tacsi u dirtay walalahood canfar kadib geeridi Ku timid suldankii guud canfarta malinkii jimcaha waxan leenahay rabi naxaristi jano haka waraabiyo suldanka