1. L

    Ethiopia declaring they want to get rid of liyu police

    Asc and ramadan mubarak my waryas and fellow sisters😅 I wanted to get your thoughts and this breaking news going on around the past days, Ethiopia wanting to get rid of liyu police. We know abiy took onlf off from the terror list groups and made them officially national or ethnical “heroes”...
  2. Hamzarashid

    We are really losing to to these niggas

    Why are we getting bullied out of our lands by off-brand somalis that number in the few. This is embarrassing these aren't even the main players. What happened to my beloved onlf figters I swear thereb adding chemicals to our water to make us es ain't no way these are the same people. You...
  3. Noble

    Abiy Ahmed insults the somali massacre Karamardha

    Abiy Ahmed infront of Cagjar has said revenue from his new book will be used to build a monument for Derg soldiers in Karamardha " Almost 44 years ago, the Western Somali Liberation Front (WSLF), aided and assisted by the Somali National Army, seized Karamardha and most of the Western Somali...
  4. Burqad

    Ethiopian Church falling apart

    oromos and amharas are killing each other over church buildings now.
  5. Hamzarashid

    What fate has in store for the people of the galbeed

    I'm questioning the legitimacy of Mustafa Omar and the role he plays as regional leader. I felt to understand how a man can be so pathetic in the face of a few men and for him to fold under pressure in addition to acting like nothing is happening and he has the audacity to bring Laascaanood...
  6. Shk_ljh”630

    Most athletic horners

    I was at a large gathering of East Africans playing basketball at me local lifetime and idk why but I wonder who is the most athletic group of East Africans on average? I’m not including kenyans because to be honest, they shit on us, skinny but surprisingly robust and they were just blasting...
  7. LibaanSom

    We Should’ve Mobilized The Somali-Community

    During April-December of 2021, there has been massive Ethiopian protests taking place all over the US, especially in the capital of Washington D.C. This happened during the peak of the Ethiopian Civil War, so I think you might be getting why these protests happen. what if I told you, both...
  8. Manafesto

    SL Gov Advisor"Somaliland exports only 23 million to Ethiopia while Ethiopia does 680 million a year to SL"

    This is an SL economist who works as an advisor for SL finance minister, he was also part of the committee that do a research on SL-Ethiopian trade relations, SL exports from Ethiopia more than it is GDP,. which is only 411. What is interesting about this interview is also that the economist...
  9. Manafesto

    Faisal A. Warabe "90% of Somaliland citizens are mentally unfit because Khat & remaining 10% are traumatized by the civil war"

    16:50 Wow, this absolutely unbelievable and first time hearing it from one of the Somaliland elites, I honestly thought this was just made up stats or just plain rumor but if this true,SL administration needs to tackle this issue and give this a priority first. I thought this one of @Grigori...
  10. Manafesto

    Ethiopian PM dispatches his security Advisor to coerce SL gov to re-sign a previous revised agreement on khat and vegetable imports from Ethiopia

    The Ethiopian committee was headed by Abiya's security advice, after they heard Somaliland might follow suit and switch their khat improts to Kenya, the Ethiopian PM dispatched this team to focr Dr Keys to sign the old reversed agreement again. Ethiopia considers Somaliland their sixth Kilin...
  11. Manafesto

    List of Top 10 countries that hate Somalia and Somalis(What is your List?)

    My list 1. Ethiopia 2. Kenya 3. Djibouti 4. Libya 5. Egypt 6. Erataria 7. USA 8. Turkey 9. Qatar,UAE & KS, infact all the gulf countries beside Oman and Bahrain. 10. Russia, UK,France, China, Canada,Iran, Pakistan ,Uganda and finally Somaliland. What a disgusting countries and it's natives...
  12. Manafesto

    NEWS Landlocked Ethiopia Demands Inclusion in Red Sea Forum
  13. Manafesto

    OPINION Is Trading Red Sea access at Zialla port town for Ethiopia a Good move for Somaliland recognition?

    I have been reading lately on Somaliland's desperate for recognition and Bihi's government handing out Zeilla port to Ethiopia on a silver platter to Ethiopia as it's last move from secessionist state to gain a full independence from Somalia. The importance of historic town Zeilla to all...
  14. angelplan

    SOMALIA Ethiopia Airlines becomes the number one choice for Somali travellers

  15. alien

    Wanna bet if Ethiopia exists in...

    Wanna bet how long it takes for Ethiopia to disband and go back to only Habeshas and everyone else seceeding. Probably soon. The problem with Ethiopia is it keeps creating disunity with its people so now they all major ethnicities in Ethiopia feeling that they have been colonised. West Somalia...
  16. ق

    OPINION Would Farmajo resort to violence like his mentor Abiy Ahmed?

    March 15, 2021 By Abdirahman Hashi (Burhan) Although both Ethiopia and Kenya are Somalia’s historical enemies and have Somali territories under their control, nevertheless Ethiopia had robbed more land and people from Somalia than Kenya. Since the 16th century, Ethiopias expansionist strategy...
  17. Thegoodshepherd

    NEWS Ethiopia moving east of the provisional administrative line

    They have put their flag above Abaaley, which according to this Somali official is actually 16.5 km inside Somalia. According to Google Maps it is actually in Somalia, but just barely east of the provisional administrative line.
  18. Helios

    UPDATE The Associated Press and the Washington Post Now Report on Missing Soldiers

    Here is the WP article below No more "Sahan fake news" :icon lol:
  19. Leftside

    Ethiopia's PM Abiy Ahmed meets with President Kenyatta at border point.

    Apparently PM Abiy is on a state visit to Kenya. The meeting between the two leaders started at the Moyale Ethiopia-Kenya border point. With the way things have unfolded in the region in recent days, you have to wonder what these guys are upto. Anything that they do or discuss will have an...