Berbera Port Construction Project

Nice footage

Hehehehehehehe xalwa iyo riiyooyin

Anything is possible. :mjpls:

Somalia could be next Singapore/Hong Kong ( our location is enough for trading and serving all these landlocked in Africa) this map displays our trade routes in medieval time. We were smart enough to take advance of our location. We can be the link between from India, china (heart of industry) and Africa home of raw materials.


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Inshallah we will make Berbera a major transit hub.

Mark my words..Beesha Habar Awal is making a comeback to international trade :banderas::rejoice::rejoice::ohhhdamn:


Feel my D in her abs call me Abdi
Nuux ismaciil needs to sit back in the ancestral home
Berbera belongs to Cisse Muuse iyo Nuux Ismaciil.While the Berbera corridor will be going through Jibril Abokor iyo Abdalle Abokor land till it reaches JigJigga

Ilmo Subeyr Awal will be eating good :eating:


Not happening except the port deal! Don't get ya hopes up :fittytousand:

It just started in 2015 and it'll end in 2018. It's already blowing and Berbera port deal you are talking about is Ethiopian & Somaliland Berebra port deal hasn't started, but Ethiopia says when the Berebra project ends than the port deal will happen and when that does, somaliland will get it's recongnition.

:salute: I can imagine the partnership and organism between Ethiopia and Somaliland. :ahh:


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Ethiopian delegation from Ethiopia's central bank and insurance companies has arrived in Berbera to discuss the Berbera Ethiopia corridor and other trade issues. Let's hope the Berbera corridor starts soon. The usual cuqdadlayaal beggers won't be pleased