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  1. Hawdian

    Somaliland Berbera Port Development

    Berbera Somaliland is going to implenet several project for Somaliland. Cissa Musse running the backbone of Somaliland economy and development. :banderas: In 2015 they are going to plan a contruction plan for milk powder company which was the biggest contruction factory of whole east Africa and...
  2. Lordilord

    Biggest L' Somalia could've given to Somaliland...

    DP World investment boosts Somaliland's push for sovereignty Somalia should've just brushed the DP World Berbera deal aside and say that their "federal" states sometimes enter into deal with bigger companies and then point to Puntland where their port is managed by P&O Ports. By doing this at...
  3. Crow

    DPWorld wants to "delay" construction of Berbera port projects in favour of Eritrea

    http://berberatoday.net/2018/08/08/shirkada-dp-world-iyo-madaxweyne-muuse-biixi-oo-isku-mariwaayay-dib-udhigida-mudo-sanad-ah-dhismaha-dekedii-cusbeyd-iyo-axmed-****anyo-oo-dalka-uyimi-inuu-madaxweyne-muuse-arinkaas-ka-dhaadhiciyo/ :ohdamn: How could anyone ever trust a nose like that...
  4. Manafesto

    Somali Troll Farm

    As you guys know UAE and Saudi Arabia have been lately accused of infiltrating trolls on FB and Twitter to gain support and wage war against the farmaajo administration. Tips to know a Somali troll: 1. No more than two photos if there is any. 2. have political figure pictures showing support...
  5. chosen one

    BREAKING: UK representative to the UN says she support the FGS

  6. I

    I was right all along : Emergency IGAD crisis meeting called, UAE trying to destabilize Somalia.

    @Zero @Gucci mane @Norwegian-Somali @Geeljire sanbuur @geel.sade @draco @Somles_Darees2 @Huncho @Puntlandtheglorious @Torti @YourBroMoe @RICH @BANTU Traitor landers should be punished :mjlol: Hairab ass lickers :hillarybiz::reallymaury:
  7. CupOfShaaxBigays

    DP World: "Mogadishu can't change Berbera port deal"

    https://www.garoweonline.com/en/news/somaliland/somalia-dp-world-says-mogadishu-cant-change-berbera-port-deal :gucciwhat: