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  1. Helios

    SOMALILAND Latest From Berbera Port Expansion

  2. Gucci Bucket Hat

    NEWS Somaliland’s Berbera Port to be a Distribution Points for COVID-19 Vaccines

    MashaAllah, Ahead of the Game :salute:
  3. OffTheDome

    Random Somaliland political discussions

    Taiwan will start offering scholarships to Somaliland college and university graduates next year, it has been announced. Somaliland's ministry of education and science through its Director-General Ahmed Muse Murud said scholarships will commence next year and applications can be submitted from...
  4. Passenger

    NEWS Trafigura wins Ethiopia's contract for Fuel imports selects Berbera Port

    Singapore’s Trifigura Scores Nation’s Petroleum Deal Trafigura Pte, a Singaporean multinational commodity trader, won the bid to supply 1.4 million tonnes of petroleum with an estimated value of 22 billion Br for the coming year. Trafigura was selected by the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply...
  5. M

    SOMALILAND Berbera Port Construction Project

    Mark my words in 20 years Berbera will be the next Dubai. :fittytousand:
  6. Kezira

    Jeeganistan Somalilandi can get nothing done without FGS approval

    Have you guys been aware of this fact: 1. Berbera Port Somalandi Jeeganist ilma xaaraan were beating their chest that they got a deal with DP world. While in actuality it was the FGS that signed the deal for them so the development can continue in their barren wasteland. 2. Current crisis with...