Are unbelievers unintelligent?


The way this has devolved perfectly encapsulates the obtuse way people think in general.

Two men are standing on opposite sides of a ridge with a small bridge between them. Each is yelling at the other to come across because his side of the ridge is the best one to be on.

They are so struck on the idea of winning the argument that they forget to really figure out which side truly is the best one, or if neither are good.

I get it. Winning is ingrained in our DNA. Fans of a losing team are reported to have less testosterone as a direct result of their team losing as opposed to an increase in testosterone in their counterparts. Human biology is wack.

However you need to go beyond that. The goal should be understandment. If you don't have the ability to rationally explain your thoughts to another and gain even a smidge of a different perspective, what even is the point of engaging in dialogue?

I made the thread in jest. I had hoped you guys would see the absurdity in the way our minds think about our beliefs and convictions, but holy shit you guys knocked that out the park. you not see the absurdity/hilarity in the raw convictions you each have about your individual beliefs and the need to be right....

The need to be right. :icon neutral:
The truth remains the truth.


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Imagine their argument is that because there is no Chinese prophet or Indian prophet islam is biased towards arab and semitic people.

Chinese prophet kulaha why they so fixated on race

What kind of logic is this ?

There were many prophets as the article i sent from islamqa stated the only reason the prophets around the middle east were mentioned is so proof can be established against the pagan arabs of quraysh.

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