Amal Azzudin Arab Rachel Dolezal (UK)

I never thought I'd see the day where an Egyptian would turn the table and say We Wuz Soomaal :mugshotman::farole::dead:

One a serious note, ***** committed immigration fraud and has deleted her Twitter after being found out.
If she just said she’s Somali for asylum I would understand but why go on to make a whole career bashing Somalia. Weird as f*ck wallahi.

Timo Jareer and proud

2nd Emir of the Akh Right Movement
Immigration officer: state your ethnicity.

Rachel Dolezal: aniga waxan ahay Sooomali.

Immigration officer:....

Rachel Dolezal: reer xamar baan ahay

Immigration officer You're in!
She could've claimed to be a persecuted Coptic Christian in fear for her life from ISIS or something. Why claim Somali? Anyone with even a casual knowledge of Somalis can tell she isn't an ethnic Somali.

Makes you think, how many other ethnicities claim to be Somalis to get asylum in the West.:gucciwhat:
guys who is in

we call the home office, and report her fake ass, if many people do it the same week, they will get embarrassed, also say we will take the newspapers to the fake news and they will not like it as they do not want to be in the spot light,

then we write a letter to the pretty petal the home office ministers (interior/passport minister in one)

let do it,

if your in, say i am in,we will spend this coming week to call them, i will upload the phone number, \

can she even speak af somali

what annoys me is how she bad moths the country the fake *****
Report an immigration or border crime

Contact the Home Office if you think someone is:

  • living or working in the UK illegally
  • employing someone who isn’t allowed to work in the UK
  • involved in smuggling
  • involved in illegal immigration
Before you start
You don’t have to give your name and address.

Any information will be treated as confidential.

Other ways to report a crime
You can call any of the following numbers to report a crime anonymously.

Immigration Enforcement hotline
0300 123 7000

0800 555111

Fraud hotline
0800 788 887
8am to 8pm, 7 days a week

The Anti-Terrorist hotline
0800 789 321

Find out about call charges
Before you start
You don’t have to give your name and address.

Any information will be treated as confidential.

she is as arab as Binladin

send her fat ass back to Egypt, i thought it was a joke, i have seen bantus, habashi claiming us, Yemenis,

remember you are doing her a favour, she is a feminist/feminazi, you are saving her from selling her soul, so do not feel bad,
guys she sued to wear qamaar before 2015 when she became famous she took it off, lets save her by reporting her so when she goes back she gets what she deserves, a nice masri farmer and who demands she wears hijab