1. Nilotufian

    Amal Azzudin Arab Rachel Dolezal (UK)

    I never thought I'd see the day where an Egyptian would turn the table and say We Wuz Soomaal :mugshotman::farole::dead: One a serious note, committed immigration fraud and has deleted her Twitter after being found out.
  2. Nilotufian

    Jebel Sahaba

    Possibly the last time Eastern Saharan Cushites were predominately Eurasian?
  3. Nilotufian

    GUYS it is really happening hsbdhdbdhdh

    Cushite Awakening. :lawd::rejoice::salute::banderas::ahh::friendhug:
  4. Nilotufian

    GENETICS Hmm the new 23andme Update

    It says that the phrase "dhakan celis" (sp) is arabic?o_O I'm suddenly .2 Sudanese out of nowhere :ohhh::ohreally::ohreally: I guess I got that Nile Valley royalty in my DNA :diddyass:
  5. Nilotufian

    North Africa takes East Africa’s title as the cradle of humanity
  6. Nilotufian

    Who made this map I wanna talk

    >Afaria >Djibouti Might as well complete Greater Somalia and throw Mombasa in there too :denzelnigga: Also @Beja is everything good at home? :susp:
  7. Nilotufian

    Cushitic speaking population inhabited southern parts of Arabia in prehistoric times

    Any truth to this
  8. Nilotufian

    Canada using DNA websites to deport people

    Don't some of these DNA tests label Horners as Bantu + Middle Eastern :browtf::dead: :deadrose::deadosama: Imagine immigration saying you lied about being Somali and that you're actually Swahili :fittytousand::faysalwtf::mugshotman::farole:
  9. L

    The Kingdom of Kush: Our ancestral homeland

    "Pharaonic Egypt is arguably the most famous ancient civilization on the African continent. This does not mean, however, that it was the only ancient civilization that sprang from African soil. Egypt’s southern neighbors, the Nubians (Egyptian for ‘gold’, due to the abundance of this precious...
  10. Prince Abubu

    Is The 'Cushitic Fish Taboo' Responsible For Somalia's Poor Fishing Industry?

    Cushitic Fish Taboo :ohhh:
  11. Huur

    Puntites vs Cushites [Poll]

    Apart from what our oral traditions provides. The ethnic origins of Somalis will always remain unknown. Currently there are two competing theories in answering this question. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Somalis are...