Young geeljire hustlin on the streets of Toronto

He's got the business sense of a true Somali Masha Allah :salute:
If you're ever in Toronto go buy his paintings :yousmart: Look out for his restaurant in 5-10 years insha Allah
I highly doubt it. How would mixing retarded Zoos and sandniggers make anybody come out any smarter? :mjlaugh:
Think about it have u ever heard of them getting involved in typical Somali bs? Nah they work hard and are educated. Ma aha qasaaro diaspora like the rest of us
I think he's from some Arab country. Somali's from Khaleeji countries tend to be higher IQ

Nah i think he's from the Gulf countries judging from his accent

Yeah true that the little nuances at the begining/end of sentences. First time I watched it I thought it was an autism awareness clip...
Give this young king some respect! show this to your siblings for motivation. we are not all qasaaro.
I’m tellin ya, immigrants like this kid will always be harder working than Somalis born in the west, or even the ones who been here 15+ years.