1. Manafesto

    NEWS A Town in Somaliland region pays 40 Million dollars in Taxes has It's hospital with no electricity (Nurses use a Flash light to deliver babies)

    Somaliland is defintely the most corrupt federal member state in Somalia, for 30 years the desert Northern Western region has been swindling IC money and has nothing to show for it. To be honest, the IC has definitely wasted millions if not billions on this corrupt and donor depending state...
  2. Manafesto

    From Freedom Fighter to Fighting Freedom — Has Somaliland’s President Bihi Turned Into A Thin-Skinned Autocrat?

    Somaliland Chronicl From Freedom Fighter to Fighting Freedom — Has Somaliland’s President Bihi Turned Into A Thin-Skinned Autocrat? The Republic of Somaliland is a quintessential example of the phoenix that rose from the ashes, a country built back from the rubble created by the brutal Barre...
  3. ق

    NEWS The son of Governor Muse Bihi is kidnapping poor people in the Somaliland FMS

    This whole chaos whereby the children of the Governors push around the citizens reminds me of my FMS of Puntland. We had a similar issue with the sons of our former Governor Farole. His sons used to throw a tantrum every couple of weeks like the son ofGovernor Muse Bihi. Nobody could say...
  4. Warwaaqsame

    I don't understand why Somali diaspora don't invest small factory businesses in Somalia

    What's holding us back from setting up, small factory to midsize factories in Somalia? Peace can only be achieved when everyone is busy with his own life.
  5. Warwaaqsame

    Compare New York, London, Paris, Berlin in 1900s to Somalia in 2020

    We're the definition of failure as a nation. We cannot even build, what they have done a century ago.
  6. Genesis

    Federalism is a cancer that must be removed

    Since this cursed system was implemented, Somalia has gotten WORSE not better in the last 20 years. I'll show you conclusive evidence that this system has been a cancer to Somalia. In 2020, Al Shabaab still control these towns and regions...
  7. DRACO

    Tribal supporters of Somalia's President Farmaajo are praying to Allah that ...

    H.E. Abdirahman Abdishakur does not get elected as President of Somalia in 2021 :chrisfreshhah::pachah1::dead:. Have you noticed that Darood Nationalist fear this man more than they fear Allah ?:deadrose: All of the main shegaatos on this site fear him too. Like the fool who has been...
  8. Dhay Geel

    UK MP wants government to recognise SL

    UK member of parliament for Henden constituency in North London urges UK government to take the lead in the UN to accept somalilands recognition.
  9. Karim

    Somaliland admits that Laascaanood is gradually slipping from their hands

  10. 2

    Ethiopia to take stake in Port of Djibouti, its trade gateway -state media

    May 1 (Reuters) - Ethiopia will take a stake in the Port of Djibouti, its main gateway for trade, under a deal reached between the two countries, state media outlets said on Tuesday. Djibouti had been seeking investors for its port since it terminated Dubai's state-owned DP World's concession...
  11. S

    Why is Islam so bad to women and why do Islamic laws treat them more as property than a person?

    I was cleaning the apartment and my inner feminist came out :hillarybiz: Can anyone honestly say that if they were a woman who wanted their rights and independence respected that they'd want to be reborned in a muslim family in a muslim country? @RICH @Duchess @Basra @Anab :kanyehmm:
  12. DRACO

    President-Elect Ready To Lock Them Up

    New : TRAVEL GAGS have been placed on many ministers in somaliland , ministers current administration they have left behind some debt on vehicles and it is believe president elect bihi is the one who ordered this. Them ministers are being surveilled and not allowed to leave the country until...
  13. Mohsin

    2 Shot Dead in Somaliland as Opposition Party Calls Voting Rigged

    FILE - Opposition candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi speaks to the media after casting his vote in the presidential election in Hargeisa, in the semi-autonomous region of Somaliland, in Somalia, Nov. 13, 2017. "We have suspended participating in the counting process, data entry and the...