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The Best of Both Worlds: The Other Side of Being Biracial By Mona

The Best of Both Worlds: The Other Side of Being Biracial By Mona

Yes, as 50% of you guys already know I have moved to London. Even though I'm still figuring out things and trying to put everything in place I have already made a lot of memories with some amazing people. My best friend and also my sister came to visit me for a few days as well, and we found out that those few days wasn't enough. But this is a story for next time.
Today I want to share something I've promised to share for a long time.

I've had a childhood that I can call a journey on its own
From first grade I was never like all the others in my class. Personally I think they never knew what category to put me in.
I was not white and I was not black.
So they would call me things like brown chees and negro
and all sort of other things and tell me that I don't belong in the country.

I would always ignore it and never even say a word about it to anyone.
After the years my anger built up more and more till I was at the top with it.
This anger made me a whole different person.
I stared fighting with my parents and yelling at them.
I had fights over silly things with everyone.

In year 7 I moved in with my dad.
It was different but still the same. No one would really know what "category" to put me in and since I'm half this half that there is no room for me with the "Normal" people.
After a while even I stared to get confused about myself and
started asking myself "where do I really fit inn?" "Why am I so different?"

One day I was in Dubai with my dads sister and I decided to move to somaliland.
At the time I was young and I didn't really think this through alright.

When I started school in Somaliland I was so happy to get a fresh start, meet new people, see different things and all that.
This time it was a different level of what I had been through before.
I was called a "slut" "white trash" and many words in between for just being me.
These words got bigger and worse every day.
So I remembered something that someone said and that is "never be selfish with your kind heart"
So for a really long time I took all these negative words and I threw them behind me.
I was being kind to everyone, I shared everything I had, I put people that I cared about before myself to prove to people that there is more to me then what you see on the outside. That there is more to me on the inside. I was raised to be good and I did everything I could to be that.

I started running my aunties beauty salon and kept my self busy. Around this time I was 13 years old and running my own business, going to school and taking care of my grandparents.

I ended up dropping out of school 5 months before I was going to the graduation exams because I was weak and exhausted.
I missed my family. I missed the annoying preaches from my parents, I missed my siblings like never before.
I was always thinking about how they might have forgotten me because I didn't get to se them growing up.

I was going to school, had home teachers, running a business, worked at SOS UNICEF, taking care of my grand parents, doing the house shopping, and etc....

At the same time I did get a lot of opportunities
I travelled between Dubai, Doha (Qatar), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Hargeisa (somaliland) and every stay was 2 months plus.
I got to see so many different things, meet so many different people and learn so much from every place.

I'm so thankful for everything. All the opportunities that I got. All the different places I visited. All the experience I got not just work wise but life wise.

I came back to My mom to build a relationship with her.
I could have gone so many other places and continued to get more experience, life lessons and travel opportunities but
My mom means everything to me.

I don't know how hard it is to let your child live so far away from you and build a life not knowing how or where your child will end up or even when you'll see them again.
I have the highest respect for my mom even though I don't show it to her like I should.
She is the strongest person I know.

Another thing I'm thankful for is that I never had to choose between right and wrong, just bad and good
And it might seem like the same but it's not.
When you have to choose between right and wrong you use your mind, with good and bad you use your heart.
And the truth is you never know between right and wrong.
Because what might seem right to you is wrong for someone else and opposite.

But good and bad is like I said comes from the heart so you would always deep down know the difference.

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