1. Genesis

    Federalism is a cancer that must be removed

    Since this cursed system was implemented, Somalia has gotten WORSE not better in the last 20 years. I'll show you conclusive evidence that this system has been a cancer to Somalia. In 2020, Al Shabaab still control these towns and regions...
  2. CaliTedesse

    After what my friend told me I do actually believe

    Many Somalis are inbred. You can argue as much as you want with me but it's the truth. It's funny how royalty used to marry foreign people. Yet the average people remained to marry in the family and create more inbreds.
  3. Odkac WRLD

    A new path in my life

    Guys and gals it’s official I’m becoming a rapper I’ve produced some shitty songs on SoundCloud through FL studio, but music is a hidden talent of mine. I will be independent , and expecting support from the Somali community. If y’all wanna hear some bars , no writtens, ask away :salute...
  4. Odkac WRLD

    A Visual Representation of how toxic Somali Twitter is

    Why are they like this twitter but not irl We gotta do better tbh :damn: Thoughts? It’s actually comedy now...I’m deleting this app some of these are from days ago kkk Don’t take these up the ass...these are COMEDY
  5. Prince Abubu

    Samburu Wedding

    Some very Somali looking people in there. Is this a result of intermixing with Southern Cushites, or is it a result of recent intermixing with Somalis and Borana?
  6. S

    Growing up queer soomaali, the hatred in the culture and the way forward

    All this and more is discussed in the 4th episode of the Waaq-nation podcast @AussieHustler despite your treason you are still a card-carrying member in the kafir world :nahgirl: @VixR the retired fighter, we salute you:salute: @Basra I know an intellectual the likes of you would approve...
  7. S

    Podcast for non-religious somalis is hereby launched, today's topic is why Somali leave islam

    Today we are discussing the results of the survey of non-muslim somalis and the differences between the religious and the non religious somalis My gaalo children are awaking:lawd:
  8. Yasfa

    Ambiyo scamming her followers

    How in the world is she asking for money, what a ****
  9. Zach


    @yaskaaa will you show a picture when I show one?
  10. hindhisle

    Former Xamar mayor trolled (AUN)

    Former mogadishu mayor maxamed dheere ( also infamous jowhar emperor) gets trolled by two guys (claiming to be alkebab). The guy is now dead so AUN. Its fucking hillarious. Ps. Can someone get the faysal waraabe nro. and troll him too. I think he is great target for such trolls - such a...
  11. A


    How is someone like Rageh Omar who isn't even living amongst the Somali community spitting facts like this 10 years ago and no one cared or thought what he had to say was important.
  12. Zach

    HOw old are you?

    I feel like here are lot of older Somalis based on their point of view and stuff...
  13. lalayariis

    Somalia needs an Industrial Revolution

    though many bad things happened to those who industrialized, the good out weighed the bad as it boosted their economy tremendously and lead them on the path to economic success.