1. I

    for those of you living in the Netherlands

    are the people racist over there? i heard black face is super normal. was thinking about doing grad school there (university of Amsterdam if ur wondering) but i was worried it'd be super hard to live there cuz of racism. there are really few universities that have the program i want so am kinda...
  2. Manafesto

    Which of these Circumstances would you Forgive and let your Spouse get away Cheating on you?

    Why forgive a cheater?:pacspit: There's no need to forgive someone that cheats. I've never cheated on a girl, I've never felt the need to, and I've never had to fight any urge to do so. I've dumped a girl to date other people, but it's not that hard to have some type of integrity and not...
  3. alien

    Salafis and Wahabbis

    I know nothing about "salafi Islam" and can someone break it down for me. And what is Wahabbi. I've been hearing people say that Saudi Arabia is Wahabbi.
  4. The Somali Caesar

    Hypothetical Question

    So hypothetically if a guy who’s already taken goes out to a party on a Friday night with his friends, he gets hella drunk and wakes up next to a girl. Is that technically cheating even though he has no recollection of it even happening. And the girl on the bed has no recollection either. The...
  5. Odkac WRLD

    No feeling is better than...

    When you wake up with a full nights rest, all the way energized, and ready to tackle the day head on. It feels great alx. This Ramadan has been amazing so far, I feel more present than ever before. I’ve been doing some light yoga before sleeping I feel great wlhi. What do you do to start your...
  6. lalayariis

    How to get over someone

    I had a crush on this dude for 3 years, and only seriously the past year and I just found out he has a girl now. He was the sweetest boy ever, and would always appreciate me but I guess he didn’t like me like that which is life. Lowkey genuinely thought he might have liked me though, he sent to...
  7. Ramen

    islam and psychopaths

    What does islam say about psychopaths? Do they have a free pass to heaven (since theyre not able to feel some emotions like normal humans such as love, empathy etc)? Do they go to hell for not caring about their families, friends etc? Also can someone tell me what islam says about mental...
  8. Guts

    Move out or stay with your parents?

    It differs from person to person but i really wanna know if you guys think it's better to move out or stay with your parents. If you think moving out is the best option feel free to tell me at what age and pros/cons.
  9. Golden

    What happens next?

    Recent events have made me think of where the Horn is headed- reconciliation, all out ethnic war or some half-assed ‘peacetime’ conjured up by politicians who only think of the money being stuffed up their behinds on the regular. I wonder if this Abiy is bringing in the change needed or if he’s...
  10. darklight

    do you speak somali with your siblings?

    I don't. my friends don't either. if you do, is it because of your parents enforcing the "somali at home english at school" rule?
  11. cambuulo shake


    Do you consider a somali half breed with a somali mother and a ajnabi father a somali since he/she does not have a tribe ? Ive seen the argument on twitter . Thoughts ?
  12. Xooshdheere

    What’s the worst and best thing about being male?

    best: legos and toy rockets instead of dollhouses worst: you die younger :mybusiness:
  13. T

    Please tell me i'm wrong

    Today i was talking to me cousin who has a daughter and this guy is a 43 year old fob, he said that he was going make his wife check his daughters virginity since she is 14 now and that he said he did not trust her. I was mad and he said something along the lines of "my father did it to my...
  14. T

    Why do people have kids nowadays?

    If you think about it, it's not even a requirement in life so why the hell do people put themselves through so much pain to birth just a child? You will not have time to take care for it because work life is too consuming and there is no way to live off on a single income with how inflated...