1. 486th President

    You just murdered someone where do you hide the body?

    Let’s say you murdered someone the FBI, MILITARY, SWAT TEAM, NAVY SEAL, NORTH KOREA, NATO, are looking for the body... Where do you hide the body? Also if they find the body... they find the fingerprints... Rules No eating of the body No throwing into the ocean or lake etc Don’t forget NATO...

    Amooni is right

  3. Helios

    SSPOT Marry/Kill/Adopt

    Simple, who are you going to marry? who will you kill? and who will you adopt??? I'd obviously marry @Saredo @Samaalic Era is going to get sprayed before he can get his hands on a poor cousin And I will adopt @Basra as my child
  4. L

    Rest in Power, Pop Smoke!

  5. AarHawd_7

    London murder rate surpassed the 80 this year. Gutted to see Somali brothers on that list, my fellow Somali Londoners stay safe, this is mad wallahi.
  6. MariaMaria

    Accident or murder ?

    Just finished watching The Staircase on Netflix Plot ( SPOILERS) : I seriously can't believe his defense tried to argue that she feel down the stairs :mahubowtf: It would make more sense if they said an intruder came in and killed her but how can you end up at the bottom of the stairs...
  7. Jodeci

    Shocking: Palestinian serial killer in America exclusively targeted Black people for murder

    But "We wuz arab" :mjlol: But "Free Palestine" :mjlol: He's a Christian Arab from Palestine, who lived in Israel before going to America, soon as he gets to America he kills all the black people he can find. Mugshot of Elias Abuelazam after his arrest for a misdemeanor assault warrant in...
  8. Waxwaalan

    Geeljire father & quran teacher visciously stabbed to death & left for dead in stockholm suburb

    The man had apparently just left his kids at daycare before he was attacked most likely by another geeljire in the Tensta suburb. Witnesses say they saw a struggle between two men & suddenly one ran away & the other collapsed bleeding from neck/throat. He later died of his injuries. He was...
  9. Xooshdheere

    Somali Businessman burned alive in KwaZulu by savage zulu bantus AUN.
  10. Prince Abubu

    South Africans murder Somali businessmen

    Source: :pacspit: